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  1. Lucretiaxzg says:

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    sharing good stuff man

  2. temprise says:

    Something tells me that Lucretiaxzg is a bot. Good video, I’m definitely
    going to use the tips here. 5 star, and a sub!

  3. spliffythree says:

    I’m not realy into marketing, I’m more of a customer; what you say makes a
    lot of sense.

  4. muhammadmendes786 says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jessica…you’re thinking is right on the mark.

  5. bizopclothing says:

    A good marketing strategy is the key to success.

  6. chasedmarketing says:

    Yes, All you need is passion and desire and a system to follow. You will
    hit success in no time! Being Persistent and stay Positive! I like this
    video. Very Good Value. Dream BIG!

  7. givingmantoo says:

    Myth “If your advertising is not working, you need to buy MORE and BIGGER

  8. Dru Weems says:

    Hello Jessica, That was certainly great advise! I really liked what you
    said about giving. I was taught as a youngster, when you give you will
    receive. Thanks for your video! Keep doing what your doing! drusweems222

  9. 5Eternal says:

    This was inspirational Jessica. Super presentation with great sincerity,
    captivating personality. This has made me really think about the
    fundamentals of marketing my evolving business. A. Ross

  10. HipHopcheerleader says:

    #6 awesome I can’t stand looking for the X out button b/c some big car or
    boar or detergent or milk is suddenly covering what I was really interested
    in. It annoys the holy crap outta me and I refuse to as much as acknowledge
    what their trying to sell me.

  11. Марина Илић says:

    @njrtqtr I’m hitting about $1800 a day at the moment. If you don’t find the
    right niche you won’t get anywhere. Check out this course before the price
    goes up: bit.ly/SQHHGP?=gyfmqa

  12. CST313 says:

    Thanks for telling me my marketing degree is worthless.

  13. Adriana Pezzuto says:

    Well… I was curious to see someone else’s input even though I am not

  14. Amy Sirois says:

    Hi Jessica….great video! Do you happen to have an example of a website
    that is more client focused than product or business focused? Would like
    to see an example of a business that you think is doing it right 🙂

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