4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

September 14th, 2014 / / categories: Business & Marketing /

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  1. Deborah MacDonald says:

    What else I should say? A comprehensible and concise run down of principles
    added with examples and feasible reality, that just explains it all. Thank
    you for this one! More power!

  2. Digital Marketing for Small Business says:

    4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

  3. Said Baher Dadger says:

    Very precise n well explained .realy liked it

  4. Mesta za podjetja says:

    +Brian Tracy – Štirje principi marketinške strategije

    Sicer se v videu lahko nastavijo avtomatsko prevedeni podnapisi v
    slovenščino, samo je podnapise skoraj težje brat, kot poslušat indijanca
    sinhroniziranega v nemščino

    Torej, video je v angleščini.

  5. Ana P.G says:

    Thank you for a very clear explanation Brian!

  6. guernica69 says:

    As charming and skilled as Roger Sterling on Mad Men, yet far more generous
    of spirit. Thank you, Brian.

  7. Matthew Rogers says:

    Thank you! I see these talks helping my business immediately.

  8. Huiping Tung says:

    really helpful

  9. MadRazzex says:

    Excellent! Funny how I can never watch this guy without taking notes :p

  10. armando lopez says:

    Good video

  11. Muxima Degas says:

    Don’t miss those 4 principles of Marketing strategy.
    Good power!

  12. Pascal Tremblay says:

    This is a great video!

  13. Chris Greene says:

    Great video, and basis for any business or brand to start off with.
    Ascending Marketing Solutions 

  14. Luis Enrique Garcia Vina says:

    4 Principles of Marketing Strategy, by Brian Tracy

  15. ufuoma ukueku says:

    This is really great check it out

  16. Clutch handla says:

    cool info imma use it 

  17. Infra Marketing says:

    He’s right on the money with his categorizations.

  18. Srijan Mitra says:


  19. DBS Business Centers says:

    4 Principles of Marketing Strategy
    4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

  20. Outsourcing Application Development says:

    Very informative and detailed seminar, very applicable to many types of

  21. Andre Bridgemohan says:

    I started listening to Brian Tracy years ago as he has helped thousands of
    individuals how to market properly.

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