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  1. Mark Nachreiner says:

    This is a great video on using Instagram Cameren. I have not used Instagram
    yet but now I will after watching your valuable video. Thanks

  2. Spook SEO says:

    Great tips you have here, Cameren! If done right, Instagram will greatly
    help in marketing a business especially now that it’s a growing community.
    Instagram has also added some features recently, like the feature of taking
    videos. This site definitely has the potential to be bigger and last for a
    longer time.

  3. FnG_QuIcK says:

    Got a great app for you. It’s an instagram companion app called BusiGram
    (Business + Instagram = BusiGram):… it’s the 1st & ONLY Business &
    Shopping Directory App for Instagram. Oh! And thank you for the tips!!!
    Excellent options!!!

  4. Felita Daniely says:

    Great tips!

  5. 7Maurice77 says:

    Nice video, I suggest upgrading your camera though.

  6. Clifford McEachin says:


  7. Garon Young says:

    Photo contest works best and you get a lot of followers and many looking at
    your work

  8. Sharita Vereen says:

    great video ! thanks for the knowledge 

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