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  1. KissVirgin09 says:

    That was SO incredibly helpful, effeciant, comprehendible, and got me quite
    excited to work hard in business. Remembered how interesting it is 🙂
    thanks so much!

  2. Teenz1stloveMS says:

    any Curtin Students that went here? =D

  3. caires de says:

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  7. The Thrifty Millionaire says:

    Nice Clip. Excellent Explanation. Well Done

  8. Erin Parker says:

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  9. yan ko says:

    sure, in other to succed in the product manufacturing firm, the
    organisation to to work together with the 4Ps of marketing. these 4Psare
    like the chain wheels of the organisation. but should the organisation need
    to enrool in a service manufacturing, it also have to adopt the 3 remaining
    Ps which are poeple, physical evidence and process management.

  10. Ammar JD says:

    Thank you. great job

  11. Catherine O'Brien says:

    great video and I will use in one of my summer school marketing master

  12. Tigoworks says:

    A New Look at the 4Ps of Marketing – YouTube http://ow.ly/lNKXf

  13. Cookie BD says:

    price should probably also include time

  14. Digital Marketing says:

    A New Look at the 4Ps of Marketing

    The 4Ps of Marketing may sound simple, but they represent a very important
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    A New Look at the 4Ps of Marketing

  15. DTBN says:

    Thank you so much, great video!

  16. Jody Yoshida says:

    Our marketing instructor recommended that we view this video for class.
    Very simple and easy to understand!

  17. popdee954 says:

    My school says this is the old p’s . The new one is People, Processes,
    Programs, Performance

  18. popdee954 says:

    I’m studying for my MBA. When I was on the undergrad level it was price,
    product, place promotion.

  19. mihaela liliana danilov says:
  20. Loris Friedli says:


  21. Debbie-Jo Lawlor says:

    backround music is annoying

  22. uiu mf says:

    4 Magical “P”s of Marketing wOrld

  23. Cree Hall says:

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