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  1. Bee Business Bee says:

    Add a message to your video

  2. Holly Morris says:

    Your videos have been so useful and easy to understand, thank you so much!!

  3. Bee Business Bee says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Ade Veronica says:

    could you briefly explain benefits of delayering and empowerment! your
    videos have helped so much so thank you! 

  5. Nemo Hoes says:

    mate ur a hero

  6. Mrgd4manny says:

    Is it able for you to send me a link to the powerpoint ? but good video, it
    was great help

  7. Thomas Woodward says:

    you make everything so easy to remember! thanks! 

  8. Lux R says:

    Your video is so helpful!
    Can you please help me understand the term chain of command please?
    Thank you in advance!

  9. rubalar96 says:

    Thank You so much! Has really helped my revision!

  10. Imran Ali says:

    Thank you!, really helpful videos, are there videos for unit 3 and 4? (A2)

  11. Linda Achieng' says:

    Business exam done today, I cannot thank you enough mate, literally saved
    my life again

  12. Chrissy J says:

    Love your channel trying to get some revision on business before I do my
    second year and this is very helpful so keep up the good work!!! 

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