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  1. Business Connections Live says:
  2. Steve Mills - The Prudent Marketer says:

    Checkout my interview on Business Connections Live. In the interview I was
    asked about grow a small business on LinkedIn.

  3. London FAST Limited says:

    I have just watched Steve’s advise and I feel empowered. Social media can
    be a little confusing and Steve’s advise has helped me to come to terms
    with what I need to do to build my company profile on LinkedIn. If anybody
    would like to find out more about my company and what we do then please
    visit http://www.londonfast.co.uk

  4. Andy Vining says:

    Attended one of Steve’s Master Class. A very informative day.and now
    working through his 10 videos. Have a look at my new improved profile. I
    think so anyway

  5. Paul DiBerardino says:

    Excellent insight to improve your Linked In profile. Thanks :)

  6. Phil Holtzman says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. Khayyam Jones says:

    This was some amazing information. I had no idea that LinkedIn was so
    powerful. I was looking at the “share” option but I didn’t have the
    multiple options talked about in the show. All I could do was share with
    contacts and share with public. Is the advanced sharing option for the
    paid membership only?

  8. brownstar45 says:

    I’ve just seen this. Such a brilliant video. I learnt a lot.

  9. Kenn Palm says:

    Amazingly useful video, filled with practical and immediately applicable

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