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  1. Martín Bonari says:

    Yes, it’s all about timing…

  2. Rabid Apple says:

    Great tip, thanks for the info. I figured that during the work day would be
    a bad idea but I wasn’t sure when the “witching hours” would be. You
    cleared it up nicely 😉

  3. Alonzo klimentos says:

    Very great source of information. I do have a concern and I welcome anyone
    to share their thoughts: If all the studies that came out recently still
    show that most people are secretly using Facebook/Twitter while @ work, why
    would posting 9=5 be bad?

  4. Happy Marketing Club says:

    Hi Alanzo. It isn’t bad per say, it’s just if your trying to get the most
    bang for your buck you need to look outside that 9-5 as well.

  5. Happy Marketing Club says:

    Thanks Tammy. I’ll be back end of August with more videos.

  6. The Dwyer Group says:

    Are you using social media the right way, at the right time for your
    business? Check out this tip to see how it’s done. http://ow.ly/nMnUM

  7. Happy Marketing Club says:

    You’re welcome George.

  8. sumant jha says:

    really helpful tips…

  9. Nur Faisal says:

    It is so useful video for all. Anyone can see it first. I like so much.

  10. Asad Rehman says:

    great like it

  11. ForeverLCmusic says:

    Amazing video, thank you

  12. Diane Burroughs says:

    Thanks for the awesome Marketing Tips!

  13. moonbee03 says:

    Thank you! Great video! 

  14. Michael McManus says:

    This is an excellent point, I have been reading some academic papers on
    Twitter use, and they agreed early (c 7am) was one of the best times,
    probably as you say because of commuting.

  15. Kenneth Havens says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video. Is there any way to schedule a
    tweet to go out at the same local time in several time zones? Right now, I
    have to choose one time zone I want to focus on, and basically ignore the

  16. Jennifer Allen says:

    Thank you for the video. Great content. : )

  17. rabin shah says:

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  18. Daniel Nicolas says:

    Thanks. I like it

  19. CWT MEDIA says:

    We couldn’t agree more!

  20. Sandeep Jadhao says:

    Good observation…….Smart video….thanks.

  21. Guess who's balyhoosing says:

    Great tips.

  22. scott jones says:

    I find that tweeting on the weekend gets a low response compared to
    weekdays at 10 minutes past the hour or 10 minutes before the hour.

  23. Muneyhonnie21 says:

    What about the idea adding your ideas to an already flooded market that has
    everyone tweeting in that time period…won’t your tweets be easily missed

  24. Scott Bailey says:

    this was really helpful, thanks for sharing. this will help me get my
    music on the web faster. thanks

  25. Scott Grainger says:

    It’s my first time here and I love your style. Thanks for the info and I
    look forward to learning more with you.

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