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  1. HellraiserX666X says:

    dat grifball tho <3

  2. Mario Lopez says:

    Great video and many words of the wise, I’ll take everything that was said
    into consideration (:D

  3. Dario Biamonte says:

    Brian, Jay, Gabreil: thank you, thank you so much for taking the interview
    and sharing your info with us. I’ve set my career goal to be in the video
    gaming “business/marketing” and I find this video really informative and
    helpful. I will keep fighting so that I can one day work your same job;
    have a great one, you’re awesome.

  4. Bearskinbear says:

    please bring back the old matching system

  5. Donut Inc says:

    This series sounds likes it’s going to be very handy 😀 I don’t suppose you
    are gonna do one for people who want to come and program? :D

  6. Aidiakapi says:

    I am thoroughly impressed that Gabriel Mughelli isn’t just a PR stunt :o. I
    loved that sales video, was a great laugh.

  7. Kyle Hampson says:

    Well stated, very true. I find this video very informative about gaming
    industry. Thank you! 

  8. Eric Burrus says:

    Clever marketing video on marketing!

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