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  1. Amber Voight says:

    Your very welcome

  2. Suzanne Milner says:

    I had the pleasure of not only meeting Amber at Eric Worre’s Insanity
    Bootcamp in Vegas this July but also being on a blitz team lead by her! She
    is one of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met! Thanks for
    doing this and I can’t wait til you do one on using Instagram! (I also met
    Her sister – a very bright girl and only 20!) What a future these two
    ladies have!

  3. Stephanie Heisle says:

    Great video Amber! Thanx for the new direction of my networking business

  4. Sheree Hoffman says:

    Amber, I just watched your video and I just have to tell you that you
    inspire so many of us that are just starting out. I am actually one of your
    Y sisters and find your videos and posts so upbeat and motivational!! You
    Rock Girl!!

  5. Tonia Reppel says:

    Hi Amber!! Love your video and I think you are such an inspiration! I so
    want to be like you when I grow up! 🙂 Quick question though, do you have
    your profile open to the public or private? I know I am following you so I
    can see what you post but I have my profile as private so you can’t see
    what I post unless you are my friend. Should I change that? Thanks!!

  6. Annette Perkins says:

    I really am enjoying your video! Lots of helpful pointers! Thank you so

  7. Jana Maxwell says:

    Thank You So Much Great Tips!

  8. Valerie Hass says:


  9. Cindy Gongora says:

    This was an awesome training. I am fairly new to FB and since watching this
    video I hVe already mDe some changes. Thank you Thank you and Thank you.

  10. Shawn Hill says:

    Great video Amber. Love the training. What type of video capture system
    do you use? I am looking for a good one. Thanks in advance.

  11. Nicole Brazell says:

    I sent you the “I Love Lashes” bracelet!!!! Love yah Amber! 🙂 

  12. Gary Graye says:

    There are some golden nuggets of information here which any serious network
    marketer will learn from! Thanks Amber.

  13. Deimarys Colon says:

    This is great. I definitely will be watching this vid over and over.

  14. Boo Rhodes says:

    lol bar photos. I love that. This is a great video. Thanks :)

  15. DominiqueSexandHeart says:

    thank you Amber, this was great, SO helpful to me as a newish Younique
    presenter. xxoo

  16. ChrisAnn McBride says:

    #Dominatefacebook Thank You sincerely Amber Voight…I learned so much and
    looks like ill be under construction for a little while…Using what I
    learned and giving my FB a LOVE LIFT!. LOL!!! 

  17. Meagan Sabo says:

    Thank you for sharing this video!!

  18. Youniqueely Me says:

    Thank you Amber 🙂 im a new to younique 🙂 and this video is really helpful
    THANK you 🙂 

  19. Lele Lewis says:

    Thank for the video, this really puts presenters on the right track

  20. Jessica Hermansen - 1st Presenter of Younique says:

    Amber, you sounded great in my shower this morning….LOL. I listened to
    part of this webinar while I showered! I am requesting a video of just you
    singing. That would sound great, don’t you think? You are awesome girl!!!

  21. Mo6303 says:

    Great video Amy. I will be using this. Thanks!

  22. Angel Reed says:

    How would you suggest first introducing your new lifestyle/business to
    people and have them take you serious? Also, I wish to keep my fb page
    private and not connected to my business. My fb page is close friends and
    family only. So would you suggest a fan or business page?

  23. Deni Troxclair says:

    Thank you Amber! Great video!! Good points to put into action!!

  24. Sita Hoyt says:

    Amazing Video…thank you. Shared with my team.

  25. Ronnie Pellegrino says:

    Just finished watching, great info !! Thank you so much Amber for making
    this video. Your too cute !! ;)

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