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  1. blackanimecat2 says:

    You use a lot of florishes. I never actualy got told what i was supposed to
    be learning about business. Im going to do homework now.

  2. Javier Sibar says:

    Vos sos un caradura, fanfarra a mas no poder.

  3. DAn Brock says:

    I know people usually go into marketing because they can’t do engineering
    because of all the math, but I thought they would at least know how to
    count.LOL But seriously this is interesting.

  4. Brian Mooney says:

    my cock is soo hard

  5. Arman Nagaepetian says:

    let me tell you something . i dont know where you get the valuation of 2k
    for your slow talk my friend but its free and i can aford to watch your
    talk and yet u got ony 2.413 views in 2011 so do not speak about 8 billion
    ideas etc.

    you are not Kevin o’leary ;)

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