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  1. DedicationBlog says:

    As promised about 10 months ago… here’s our video on marketing and

  2. ashutosh pawar says:

    Thank you very much , I was waiting for this video.

  3. Jamal Mahroof says:

    why doesnt (sorry i dont know his name) the guy sitting next to you make a
    youtube and do this sort of stuff? it could also give him some free
    marketing wink wink haha 

  4. Bill Lolage says:

    Great video keep it up!

  5. LamboFan says:

    Very cool considering I just finished my app. Lots of great points/tips!

  6. JimmyChannel2 says:

    +DedicationBlog Thanks SO much for these videos. Although I am a musician,
    I found this video useful to watch as I wanted to increase my recognition
    on Soundcloud.
    About the GT86, have you guys heard about the HKS GT Supercharger version 2
    that increases power to 302ps? Although Subarus are well known for turbos,
    imo the toyobarus would suit the natural power delivery that you would get
    from S/C. But hey, its your money, your car and your choice. Keep up the
    awesome work lads. Regards from Tokyo

  7. Buddy says:

    Hello Chris and Si that is a bloody good video. I think that you two have
    done remarkable in your businesses and thats why that video is so spot on.
    Please don’t listen to negative feed back from other people they don’t
    have to watch. Like you i always contacted people immediately and that
    went down amazing with my business. I am starting something new soon and i
    want it to be huge (it will be huge) what i take from your video is to
    offer a free trial great idea so thanks for that and thanks for the
    excellent content. Good luck from Buddy the positive ambitious successful

  8. Keltan Xavier says:

    Can we know more about Simon’s business? Also could you do a video covering
    some key things to prepare when setting up your first business? Thanks
    guys, keep up the good work!

  9. R34 says:


    Make sure that your helping people and not just trying to get their money

    Get your word out , ( forums , leaflets etc )

    Try and do a good job

    Ask yourself how your helping people , and how much would you pay yourself
    , and why its useful

    Make a product that is doing something good

    Make your customers happy and take care of them and listen to them.

    Try and have a sample/free version of the product

    I hope that helps ;)

  10. Stephen Odundo says:

    Thanks for another great video. To be honest I never really gave much
    thought to marketing. I always assumed I’ll deal with it when the time
    comes. At least I won’t be flying blind. Plus having an online presence is
    very important, especially since most people rely on Google for solutions.
    Hoping to see the Abarth video soon and more of the business vlogs. Plus
    updates on the GT86.

  11. Matthew Lee says:

    Could you put links to the buisness websites in the descripton then we can
    all see the products you sell also you will have free advertising

  12. Mackoek says:

    Im curious though what the pricing is for your products? are we talking
    10-100gbp range or more like 500+?

  13. TheRapidGamer says:

    How do you guys manage your time whilst working from home? I know allot of
    people would get tempted away and not be very productive.

  14. Grizzly Gaming says:

    In forums is it better to recommend the product like its not yours????

  15. Dare Native - Sniper! says:

    you dont know what your on about.
    Lmao JK ;)

  16. ajsnorfolk says:

    Great advice 

  17. snodderz96 says:

    What’s the business site Si was using? I have a great idea which needs to
    get off the ground but haven’t clue how to go about it!

  18. MarkHinds says:

    When did you first start programming?

  19. Entrepreneurs in Cars says:

    Love it! Great overview from 20,000 ft, and good use of some examples,
    keep em coming. Suggestion: go narrow (specific ie: how I build my biz on
    forum posts) on the biz subject, and deep (be specific). Sharing your
    successes, and failures is therapeutic, and gets more wantrepreneurs to
    become entrepreneurs.

  20. Drift Life says:

    Thanks for the new video I’ve been waiting for this kind of Business video.
    Also I small question the cup holders in the GT86 can you put that in a
    different location on the center console or it’s fixed.

  21. jordan leggett says:

    Hi good video as always but I was wondering what kind fo programs do you
    sell as I am starting to learn programming and I was just wondering what u


  22. MrJohnjake says:

    what is your product im curious

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