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  1. soaked23 says:

    Sunny D was awesome!

  2. Fabricio Suarez says:

    Business Nightmares: Marketing Mess-Ups Pt 1 of 4

  3. ElectronicDeLuxe says:

    If people actually knew what is in food and drink like Coca Cola and
    Chinese Take-away, they would want to fling it billions of miles away and
    never buy it again.

  4. itsjemmabond says:

    I know what’s in Chinese takeaways, but what about Coke?

  5. James From Cambridge says:

    I know how bad coca cola is but I’m so addicted to it that I sometimes
    think they still have cocaine in it. Seriously, the first day after I stop
    drinking it, I get headaches. I try and counter it all by exercising and
    drinking lots of water every day still, I do worry about it…

  6. xSilver Phinx says:

    Me too (though not Coke, but Pepsi, close enough in my book). That would be
    the caffeine withdrawal giving you headaches. :/

  7. xSilver Phinx says:

    Scientific literacy FTW

  8. Ryan Charlson says:

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  9. CKTV says:

    How ironic. A really shit advert posted on a video of ‘Marketing Messups’.

  10. yogen shrestha says:

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  11. Kaelynn Wright says:


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