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  1. Andrew Riedel says:

    Nice vid! How did you do that?

  2. TC Business Marketing says:

    This is a stat posted by ReelSEO. We’ve seen similar results for our videos
    that rank in the middle of page 1 where you would expect fewer hits.
    However, the videos have often done rather well.

  3. TC Business Marketing says:

    We have access to a wonderful tool that allows us to create these types of
    beautiful, custom videos without the need for programs like Adobe After
    Effects. It’s less expensive and still creates professional quality videos.

  4. angusyoung says:

    Great video. I highly recommend their video marketing services!

  5. Jonas Lindgren says:

    Whoa, I had no idea either that videos received 41% more clicks, I would
    have guessed around 10% or so, awesome.

  6. David Little says:

    Hey Clinton, Great video you have done here!

  7. Tracie Fisher says:

    Very well done and you provide quite useful information.

  8. Everett Greyson says:

    Great Video Sir, Calgary businesses should be lining up for this!

  9. Brian Dunlap says:

    Hey Clinton, Great video with really good info. You have made a very
    professional video.

  10. Haiming Jiang says:

    I like this video. How do you charge your video services?

  11. TC Business Marketing says:

    Prices for video service vary depending on the type, length and whether you
    have images, photos, logos, etc ready for the video. I will message you to
    get more details.

  12. Dafyd Morgan says:

    Great video Clinton. Nicely designed, excellent graphics clear sound. Well

  13. Dennis Ramirez says:

    Very nice.

  14. Jono Farrington says:

    Video certainly can help businesses big time at the moment. Great video!

  15. Alex Houben says:

    Great vid, Clinton! Video Marketing is definitely the way to go these days.

  16. AdvidSolutions says:

    Very professional looking video, Clint! Video has become an essential part
    to online marketing these days and with a quality video like this, you
    can’t go wrong!

  17. TubeEnergy says:

    Love the video Clint.

  18. Randy Parsley says:

    Good sample video Clint. Clean, professional and more importantly I like
    the synergy of text, voice and graphics. It covers all the ways that
    different people best process information.

  19. Joanne Dufault says:

    Great looking video. Nicely done!

  20. Eugenia Wang says:

    Nicely done Clinton!

  21. TC Business Marketing says:

    Learn what video marketing can do for your business in this short
    promotional video.

  22. Brian Solari says:

    Video is so much more fun to produce- at least for me- so much more

  23. Darryl Higgins says:

    Great video and right to the point.

  24. Peter Finch says:

    Great video. Very impressed on the way that you have optimised it as well.

  25. Pat Sava says:

    Sounds like a great service. Sign me up!

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