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  1. Meredith Eisenberg says:

    Hey guys… Another awesome video — and a topic that isn’t always covered.
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  2. Maru Lozano says:

    Another value-loaded webisode! Great use of visuals and story magic to
    engage us. “Broken windows’ is powerful. The word ‘broken’ is associated
    right away with fixing. The usual saying of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix
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  3. CouplesTravel says:

    Very clever points, thanks!

  4. Freddie Vannorman says:


  5. n1c3game says:

    a favorite from me!!!!

  6. jumpergil1234 says:

    make more this is great

  7. runetiper says:

    loved it!!!!!

  8. lfheuirhfduwdrew says:


  9. noerobbins24 says:

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  10. Alex M says:

    Good tips, you should lower your voice a bit.

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  12. Marvin Knapper Jr. says:

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