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  1. Sandra Moten says:

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  2. Zac Fischl says:

    hahah I don’t need to do research, I have an 80,000 dollar BMW sitting in
    my driveway and a based income of 110,00 yearly. I’m a presidential in the
    company. Haha should I send all my money back!? Your crazy if your calling
    Amway and therefore Avon and Vemma a scam since they all do the same thing.
    Open your eyes and realize that theres no way this industry have been
    around for hundreds of years and are scams

  3. Zac Fischl says:

    I could still be dumb and know that you are just too ignorant to admit that
    your wrong. Theres a reason all those billionares you hate are making
    billions and supporting this industry while you who’s a poor as hell
    compared to those guys hates on this. You should get a reality check,
    either way in the end, they and I are wealthy and going to be wealthier
    while you just whine and complain while your wondering why we are killing
    this industry

  4. Randall Klassen says:

    Hahaha, nice try, you’re a brainwashed fool!

  5. Randall Klassen says:

    Just check Harvard’s course listing, there is nothing remotely close to
    multi-level marketing being taught there. Harvard also stated that they do
    not teach multi-level marketing and that they’ve considered legal action
    against anyone that fraudulently states otherwise. “You hate to see your
    name used in a way that you haven’t approved,” he says. “Then you think of
    all the people who are being led down a path to some financial distress.” –
    quote from a WSJ interview.

  6. Randall Klassen says:

    Haha, so you admit now they do not teach multi-level marketing. You get
    paid indirectly for recruiting people. SCAM.

  7. rajonbdjsr says:

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  8. toshtao1 says:

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  9. Brent V says:

    why is he yelling??

  10. Rozli Yusof says:

    Well skeptics,If you say mlm doesnt work-let me just ask you a simple
    question.everyone knows Amway is 50 years or older mlm company.But just
    check with your country branch-did it ever close down???!! If not the
    logical reason to it is simple-the business model is the most profitable
    and effective way to get products to the end consumer period-only to those
    who understand why and how it works.if it is a scam which part of it
    is?please do your due diligence and research before claiming something..

  11. Desiree Smith says:

    Why is he yelling? Goodness gracious!

  12. Christina Wittmeier says:

    lmao at all these MLM advertisements below vvvvv not going to grow your
    business. it just makes that website or whatever your advertising look

  13. MobyDickHead says:

    shut the fuck up. Everyone hates you.

  14. shabtash says:

    +Les Proctor Les, the reason so many people end up out of pocket isn’t
    because they are unwilling to do the hardwork, it’s because that’s how
    these schemes are designed. The only way people near the top make money is
    because theres loads of people at the bottom who have lost money. It’s
    impossible for everyone to be ese successful because theres not an endless
    amount of people on the planet. It’s a guarantee and a mathmatical fact
    that 88% people in these schemes lose out.

    You are an idiot.

  15. BigDeal77 says:

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  16. Jermaine Nary says:


  17. Anthony Ouwendyk says:

    you don’t have to like it, you don’t have to believe it, all you have to
    prove is : does it work, does it pay, and where do I get an Application?

  18. Angelbabie5506 says:

    NWM gives YOU control of how much you make or don’t make . If you don’t
    make money it is YOUR fault. So these stats about people saying more than
    half the people involved don’t make money they are correct. Why is that?
    because they didn’t work for the money. You are able to get rich quick only
    if you plug into the system, go to trainings and don’t quit. You may say
    70% of the people don’t make money well guess what they probably don’t
    listen either and conduct business a way that scares people away than bring
    them in. OR they are simply invested in the business and aren’t doing
    anything. I know plenty of people in my NWM business that joined YEARS
    before me that aren’t making anything , but they aren’t complaining because
    they aren’t working for it . Reading one sentence while doing your
    “research” won’t cut it. You really have to know NWM and what it truly
    takes to be successful in it before you judge. 

  19. pantherfan 4055 says:

    mlm is dangerous because of damn pyramid schemes 

  20. John Pereira says:

    Become a network marketer. Get out of the system that makes you think
    anything other than working a j.o.b is a scam. 

  21. Carla M Silveira says:

    Donald Trump fala sobre Net Marketing

  22. Elodia Garcia says:

    Donald Trump fala sobre Net Marketing

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