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  1. Mitesh Parmar says:

    great video again, you have one on the 7P’s? thanks

  2. Alanis Business Academy says:

    Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t have a video on the 7 P’s at this time.
    I’ll definitely consider the topic for a future video though. Thanks for
    the suggestion.

  3. Crystal Smith says:

    Great video I love how you tie in the examples. Thanks very much.

  4. Alanis Business Academy says:

    You’re very welcome! Thanks for watching.

  5. Yasmin Lesmond says:

    Great lecture specifically how you compressed and made the interconnection
    of the four P’s! kudos!

  6. Andi Munich says:

    Excellent!! thank you! !I have an exam tomorrow and your video is well made
    and explains simply! thank you!

  7. Deon Van Heerden says:

    Please do a video on price, on of my subjects is price manager

  8. Dustyn Brown says:

    I really appreciate you making these videos. I am taking my CLEP this week
    and your videos by far have been my greatest study material! 

  9. Magomedova Medeya says:

    Thank you so much for your lectures. very informative. 

  10. sid 123 says:

    epic have my tests coming soon ……………. and these videos are great

  11. Ahmad Mustafa Frotan says:

    Dear Alanis! thumbs up for your useful note on marketing!

    Nevertheless, I have a project research on Gelato ice creams and I have a
    question if you could kindly answer:

    How can the company increase the sales or persuade Gelato consumers who are
    majorly eating at evening and dinner time to eat also at lunch more? (using
    marketing mix)

    Thanks in advance.


  12. Thomas George says:

    Thanks for the excellent Video..

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