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  1. cortez says:

    Great tip. Will definitely like and share. New to online marketing and
    would appreciate if you’d like my page as well. Thornton Online Marketing

  2. Collene Kennedy says:

    Great information again. Would u use Facebook o link o an etsy shop or
    let’s say one’s blogspot?

  3. Collene Kennedy says:

    I meant to add that my blogspot leads to my woman humor art etsy shop but
    would be curious your thoughts of which place to link!?

  4. Spook SEO says:

    Excellent point you have. Always have a call-to-action. It’s not just in
    Facebook but even in videos! A strong call-to-action can make a lot of

  5. Karen Olech says:

    has this changed? I am trying to do it today October 2, 2013 and the
    interface looks different from what your video shows?

  6. Business Women Networking Online says:

    Learn how to optimize your Business’ Facebook page by adding a
    call-to-action right in the header with @marijahamed http://bit.ly/1aCgmE1

  7. Dani Dulfu says:

    I’ve been trying to add that link in the About section for about two weeks.
    I fanally came across this video and it worked like a charm. Thank you for
    the tips! 

  8. waweru henry says:

    thanks Amy for the great tips

  9. Kerry Ashby says:

    Thank you for some really useful tips, for facebook and business, I wish I
    had found ‘you’, a year ago. 

  10. Harry Olson says:

    All I can say is … your GOOD!

  11. Adrian C says:

    It took 3 minutes to say that “Above the fold” is important and that is
    means what you see before scrolling.

  12. Dayle Whiteside says:

    That was terrific. Thank you for the tip about the call-to-action. Just
    starting up a new business myself after a three year absence. So really
    appreciated your tips. Its a whole new world for small business owners
    using social media and your insight and tips gave me a way to start making
    the right connections. 

  13. Mark Orr says:

    Nice simple tip. Thanks. I would like to start a facebook page for my
    better half’s fashion boutique. Do you have any specific tips in that

  14. tim goddin says:

    Hacking any facebook account can be done with HAQABLE in your browser just
    google ” *HAQABLE* ” its great

  15. Marcia Stewart says:

    I am glad I found your site. I have Longarm of The West Custom Quilting
    and created the web page. Your info on these 3 productivty tools is
    awesome 🙂 Thank you your awesome

  16. Ivailo Zheglov says:

    Super hint!

  17. George Cocciglia says:

    LOVED IT !! 

  18. insaneengine says:

    I loved to see this 1 like on your page 😉 you came a long way, congrats! I
    love your videos and tips! I would like to learn more about the twitter
    platform if you please (sorry for my english) :)

  19. christine stephenson says:

    thank you so much for sharing your tips wth us xx

  20. Gilbert Nichols says:

    Great tip. I have actually used this technique to reach out to businesses I
    would like to market my services to by private messaging that idea. Those
    who are proactive and see the idea for their advantage will reply to me.
    That’s when I take the opportunity to offer more services that will help
    them. You build great relationships one idea at a time. Thanks.

  21. Eza Grant says:

    Awesome tip by the way.I would like to ask is there an easy way to put a
    click-able ad on your Facebook without showing your affiliate link which
    will still it take you to your website? 

  22. Aarzoo Batra says:

    The Facebook interface has changed now and the about section is a tab thats
    now hidden :(

  23. Saiful Faiz says:

    5:54 with valuable information. Thanks! 

  24. Paulstreet SEO says:

    While watching your presentation, I can see that you’re really good with
    this type of marketing.

  25. Strathroy Antique Mall says:

    i do not see any about under the about to write anything

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