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  1. easidoo says:

    Facebook for Business 2013 – Use Facebook As Your Business – Happy
    Marketing Club http://youtu.be/NUQFLnMhet4

  2. Happy Marketing Club says:

    Thanks Darcy.

  3. Trish Allan says:

    As a brand new business, I’m wondering about the effectiveness of using a
    FB. Their new Edge rank rormula seem

  4. Trish Allan says:

    Formula seems to really favour bug business. Any thoughts?

  5. Happy Marketing Club says:

    Hi Trish. Edge Rank is actually old news now (I know impossible to keep up
    at times). It’s really the News Feed Algorithm that you want to focus on.
    There is a lot more competition on Facebook now a days then there used to
    be PLUS it is imperative to create content that gets engagement, a much
    more surefire way of getting your updates noticed other than paying for
    exposure. I am working on tackling this big question and more for the
    upcoming Facebook course out in a few days.

  6. nickdanieldesign says:

    thanks for the help! 

  7. arron chester says:

    mike,i was able to accessed her facebook using this software i posted the
    link in my profile below
    https://plus.google.com/105446504325382075379/posts/LCexK68FhVd enjoy

  8. ajeanl says:

    An easier and faster way is to use the gear icon. You can switch between
    number of pages and private user.

  9. Rachel Dunn says:

    Thank you!! This helped me so much!

  10. Tim Hunt says:

    How do I link a business page on facebook from my website? I tried this and
    it opens with the admim page at the top. How do I view my business page
    with out admin being accessible?

  11. sujan raj says:

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  12. Mclovin Edison says:


  13. Sacha Anthony says:

    That was really useful, thank you!

  14. Andy Morris says:

    when I use fb as my business it will not let me post any comments on other
    pages or profiles, do you know why?

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