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  1. Start & Grow Your Business says:
  2. Anthony Haro says:

    I Love your Videos !!! Thank you so much for uploading them and giving us
    so much advice. :: Starts looking for Cat Photos A.S.A.P. :: ;)

  3. Nicole Raymondi says:

    Great tips!!

  4. Victoria Chuksorji says:

    Thank you I need it today right on time

  5. Tina W says:

    I can’t wait to try these tips! Is revive.com a free service? Should I
    follow everyone who follows me on Twitter or does it look better to have
    more followers v.s. people you follow. What’s the rule of thumb? 

  6. Lilia Zhornist says:

    This video is very interesting, it is answering some questions , which
    I’ve had,
    Helps me a lot, Thank you

  7. Lilia Zhornist says:

    I liked the tips to use hashtags in my Facebook updates. I have not been
    doing that, and i have seen many other people use hashtags.

  8. Start & Grow Your Business says:

    25 ways to promote your business on Facebook! #facebook #facebookmarketing

  9. Lilia Zhornist says:

    Cool t shirt, is it your company name: Problemio?

  10. Michael Ham says:

    How can I promote a local band on Facebook?

  11. Nikki Williams says:

    Cool video – some nice strategies here!

  12. hussainv1 says:

    Very Good Info! Thanks for sharing,
    These strategies will really help me as I’m setting up my Business :)

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