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  1. Elizabeth Dial says:

    This video is a real gem. It has so many important points to improve your
    business and your life in general. People, watch and DO!

  2. Elizabeth Dial says:

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  3. Bedros Keuilian says:

    Thanks Elizabeth! 🙂

  4. Lisa Kark says:

    HAHAHAHA…Wait…I ALWAYS cook at home…and not just cook…but cook
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  5. StormFitnessHQ says:

    Awesome video Bedros.

  6. Bedros Keuilian says:

    Thank you!

  7. Bracha Schwartz says:

    Great tips thanks!!!

  8. Christian Schenck says:

    Couple things man. First your video’s rock and I’m MAD jealous I didn’t
    hear that you were in Mesa, AZ because i totally would have went! Second
    the optin website is no longer there do you have another website that can
    be used? Thanks again!

  9. Andriy Budulev says:

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  10. Eric Moss says:

    there are some real gems here…great stuff

  11. Marc Yilmaz says:

    Mind = blown

  12. Freddeboiie says:

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  13. Romen McDonald says:

    It looks like your Facebook page as well as Josh Carters doesn’t have this
    style of set up (as described in the video) anymore. Is this something
    that change on Facebook? If not how do you this?

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