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  1. Evan Haupt says:

    great video, EXACTLY what I was searching for. Thanks for the information!!

  2. myselfmiky says:

    that’s not a video, THAT was a lecture! thank you for all the infos!
    Greetings from Greece

  3. Ron Bryant says:

    Thank you!!! Your info was right on. And you were inspiring…

  4. Bobby Collier says:

    thank u!!!!!

  5. Zewdi Reda says:

    You are awsome! Thank you!

  6. Jhong Eden says:

    Thank you very much for making this video. I was a bit lost on how to get
    started, this video has opened up my mind, given me knowledge, and boosted
    my confidence. Thanks again.

  7. Krish Hariharan says:

    really great video man lots of useful advice, hey i have just one query How
    to manage both inhome personal training and studio based personal training
    currently i have 16 clients we are just 2 of as we are running in and out i
    don’t know how to manage more clients we have enough demand in the place
    but not able to handle clients physically

  8. Krish Hariharan says:

    one big thanks

  9. brandon Russell says:

    could you post the link to the site because i can’t find my fitness.com

  10. Surfer121 says:

    Great video!

  11. Laila Davids says:

    You are so awesome!Thank you for taking the time out to do this video.

  12. StreamingKnowledge says:

    If i were to sell an ebook [specifically, teaching people how to get abs]
    with some video attachments [available on a member’s section of my website]
    would setting up a papal account be enough? Would a medical disclaimer at
    the beginning be sufficient?

  13. StreamingKnowledge says:

    PS I’m under 18.

  14. Lawrence Fagan says:

    Have you looked into any gym or member management based software and or
    billing services so you can can focus on training?

  15. 21stCenturySeeker says:

    great video! thank you for taking the time to put this together

  16. Ernest Scott says:

    i loved this thanks! i wish that they tought this in school.

  17. Bobby Clark says:

    Phenominal intro to training lesson. I’ve watched a handful of your free
    videos and have taken a substantial amount of notes. Lastly, as with so
    many other viewers, I applaud your commitment to the industry and it’s
    future. V/r, Bobby

  18. Cali G says:

    Liked, subscribed and favorited

  19. Anne Ritter says:

    Awesome information. I wish I was aware of you a little earlier. I have
    muddled my way through what I need to do on my own and have figured it out
    for the most part; although, I am currently trying to figure out still
    where to access appropriate liability waiver forms with all the correct
    legal terminology for my clients to sign and also tax information. I am a
    mobile personal trainer and want to make sure my clients know I am a
    complete professional so most everything I want to have intact.

  20. Jason Michael Griffin says:

    Thank you for this video lesson. This was exactly what I was looking for. I
    have been a trainer for over 10 years and have done it all from Head
    Trainer to Assistant Fitness Director to Fitness Director for some BIG BOX
    Gyms. A few years ago I started training my own base but when I decided to
    go for the business aspect I was still a newborn ha ha. Your lesson offered
    some insight and gave me some tools to further research and implement. Now
    I can fill in the blanks so THANK YOU! v20fit.com

  21. GrowFlexTraining says:


  22. eFit30 says:

    I enjoyed your video.

  23. Neil Humphrey says:

    Great video! Thank you!

  24. Allen Blanks says:

    Great stuff your video has really helped me get things of the ground!

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