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  1. Florence Howard says:

    I don’t see Michelle’s link.

  2. marieforleo says:

    @Whatsupflo just added it, thanks!

  3. Florence Howard says:

    @marieforleo Thanks! Love your Q & A videos 🙂

  4. ctjamie says:

    Very informative video, but what is up with the inconsistent negro accent
    she keeps speaking in?

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  6. meganlevegan says:

    LOL Love the “HOLD UP. HAYYYYY” Seriously awesome!!!

  7. LaurensDesigns says:

    Hold up heyyyyy..OMG SOOOOO Funny! Love it. Oh and I also love all the
    great info that I would never think of!! lol

  8. Tim Langley says:

    Hey there. I LOVE your stuff AND the way you present it! Keep up the great

  9. Pasha says:

    LOL I dont have anything to do with businesses nor do i know how i ended up
    here but… i’m gonna subscribe and like because what i just saw was
    immensely awesome ^__^

  10. eva jenny says:

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  11. Araj Mittal says:

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  12. pitolove71 says:

    Hmmm, this girl is definitely attracted to our kind just listen to her
    speech. Some ghetto linguistics in there, she likes hip-hop & always uses
    the word BIG. Yep, she likes the melanin. Holla at ya boy.

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  15. Jennifer Lancaster says:

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  16. Ina Sahaja says:

    Marie, you rock! Thank you so much for the kick in the arse to get my
    location OUT! thank you!!!

  17. 2misi.com says:

    I like the your video but the first point is kind of confusing.

  18. Dustin Howell says:

    love it, thank you Marie.

  19. Frootbat Bat says:

    Great tips…I take notes when I watch your videos, compiling a ‘marketing
    to do’ list for myself THANKS

  20. Elizabeth Lawrence says:

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  21. Eric Lake says:

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  22. Cindy Dayana Moya says:

    Great video ;)

  23. gwendolinechione says:

    You are very inspiring Marie, thank you for another helpful video. One
    point, I was interested in the (annual?) seminar you advertised in a
    different video (hot/rich, etc!). I’d be willing to travel internationally
    for it, if possible – but I couldn’t tell from your advert, in which city
    it is held 🙂 I’m sure the website is awesome though! Peace & Respect! 

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    Great Video Marie. This is exactly what we do for our customers.
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  25. Link Encounter Inc. says:

    Great advice from Marie Forleo on four mistakes local businesses make!
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