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  1. magistudios says:

    Hi Michael,

  2. Javier Rivero says:

    Great job guys!

  3. Tony Monk says:

    Deliberate attraction, also known as the science of deliberate creation.

  4. Alex Mandossian says:

    Thanks Michael, Tony and Javier. Appreciate your support : )

  5. Joseph Simpson says:

    Thank you both, Gentlemen! Be well always! Peace and Light!

  6. GadflyTheOne says:

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  7. greg e says:

    more michael!

  8. jeanny jalop says:

    Yes i want more….

  9. Evgen Kurlov says:

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  10. thriveni saidam says:

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  11. Fearless Girl says:

    Great video, super informative!! Yes, more Michael Losier!

  12. Siobhan Hinojosa says:

    I saw that poster in the back at ikea the other day look at me attract this
    today loa in action

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