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  1. All Marketing Solutions says:

    Some *really hot tips here* to get more customers for your Local Businesses

  2. Anna Phommatham says:

    *Online Marketing Tips For A Local Cup Cake Business!*

    You can learn a lot from this advice to help you get more search or web
    exposure and increase sales!

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  3. Peg Fitzpatrick says:

    *How to Get Customers – Small Business Marketing*

    +Marie Forleo hits another homerun with this Q&A. These tips will help any
    small business or with online sales.

    *What does she emphasis?*
    EMAIL. Get the list built!

    “Whether we realize it or not, many of us unconsciously “copy” things from
    our competitors if we spend too much time trolling around on their sites.

    So while it’s important to know the competition — you also need to stop
    looking at them at a certain point and go your own way.

    Create your own branding. Strengthen your own voice. Come up with your own
    unique ideas.”

    Read more: http://www.marieforleo.com/2012/02/local-business-marketing/
    Pin it here: http://pinterest.com/pin/232779874462798395/

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  4. Denyce @MyLuxury1st says:


  5. Vanessa Guerrero says:

    Hello, This is Vanessa and I the new outside sales person of FASTSINGS in
    Pembroke Pines FL. I am have a hard time getting new customers because we
    only work business to business and we have a lot of competition… can you
    give me a strategy that can help me to increase sales? 

  6. karey harrigan says:

    Looks like this business closed :(

  7. Mike Moran says:

    “google that shit up”

  8. coolmonkey619 says:


  9. beautigra says:

    my God I love you

  10. Digital Marketing Maniacs says:

    This is some awesome advice!
    How about an SMS Loyalty Program to help retain the customers that do come
    in on the reg.

  11. systEmiseTube says:

    This is a brilliant topic to invest your time with. #localbusiness
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  12. Michelle Lopez Copywriter says:

    Looks like Beth didn’t get her marketing game on. “Taste Selects
    Confectionery” appears not to exist anymore! : Interesting vid though –
    very good marketing tips.

  13. Lewis Figueroa says:

    Im network marketing and I want to know or even do you have strategies or
    ideas of how can I get customers? ????

  14. JD Dammeier says:

    Rule your turf by reaching out to your market. It’s very essential to
    interact with your customers and potential clients. Remember to post your
    contact details on your website.

  15. bruce lee says:

    It’s hard to take this lady serious with her ghetto, inappropriate and
    unprofessional ways of delivering her message, regardless of she’s trying
    to be “fun” or “entertaining.” Imagine your lawyers or doctors doing this
    before a procedures. What a clown. Total joke, regardless of the solid
    information. Delivering is also part of the quality.

  16. Rodrick Conner says:

    Love you, your awesome 

  17. Renee Hollifield says:

    once again! THANK YOU! I have been selling online since 2006 – I have
    customers all over the world but no local market at all. You are a
    rockstar! Thank you for this!

  18. Sharon Bhara says:

    Thanks for an excellent video and I lurv your quirky style. Keep up the
    good work.

  19. David Poku says:

    Good Video 

  20. Agne Baneviciute says:

    Well it is unfortunate that she closed her business, but Any cupcake or
    small business could also work their social media strategy is a great
    strategy too :), running contests to customers, running children promotions
    they always have a sweet tooth outside a store, changing business model and
    adding same day cupcake delivery options to home as well. 

  21. Karen Jones says:

    This is the real deal! Great ideas presented in a unique and engaging
    manner. Well, a lot of what she said about small- to medium-scale business
    marketing concerns can be easily addressed by digital marketing agencies.
    You just have to let them know what you need and they will do the online
    marketing job for you.

  22. Deniz Turkcu says:

    Local Business Marketing #smallbusinesses #startuptips
    #marketingonline #creativity
    How To Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

  23. Jermain Gordon says:

    Just the answers i was looking for. Thank you!

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