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  1. Nick Jager says:

    Silke talks about her new craft marketing book…Take a look, like and
    share. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Silke Jager says:

    In this video I talk about my new book ‘Craft Marketing Done Right!’. Check
    it out…
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  3. Jager Web Design & Marketing says:

    Book Review – http://youtu.be/0LGvk0fF8Nw

  4. Silke Jager-Hemmerich says:

    I talk about my new book in this short video review – Take a look:
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  5. Silke Jager-Hemmerich says:

    Do you need help selling your crafts? Take a look at my craft marketing
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  6. Silke Jager says:

    Grow your business and get more sales! ‘Craft Marketing Done Right!’ book
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  7. Paul Littletonsky says:

    Does your craft book help with all crafts or just bottle crafting?

  8. davismarie32 says:

    I just went through chapter one. It was excellent. Looking forward to
    going through the rest of the book.

  9. scottpolston99 says:

    I like that your book talks about how to sell your crafts both online and

  10. Silke Jager says:

    In this short video I talk about my recently published marketing book. If
    you are thinking about or already have a home based business selling crafts
    or any other products then this a book you might want to check out. Take a
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  11. joy wistler says:

    I love crafting. Your book looks like it will be big help to me.

  12. Rita Lang says:

    Did I hear you say that I can get your book for free? How do I do that?

  13. Amy Witherspoon says:

    do you discuss in the book ideas for selling your crafts at like swap meets
    and bazaars, venues like that?

  14. cassie sanchez says:

    I have been looking for a craft book like this. Sounds like a lot of
    people like it. I will be getting it to.

  15. lisat3001 says:

    Just wanted to come back and say I love your book. You covered a lot and I
    walked away with a great many new ideas.

  16. Candice Blaze says:

    I make candles and would like to learn how to sell more of them. Looks like
    this will help me with that.

  17. Lizzy Lewis says:

    I have been crafting for a while now, but always on the look out for new
    ideas. Sounds like your book has been well received so I will get it.

  18. Silke Meland says:

    Grow your business and get more sales! ‘Craft Marketing Done Right!’ book
    #bookreview +CraftingBooks 

  19. Nick Jager says:

    I’m Silke husband Nick and would like to share our 2014 Holiday Bottle
    Crafts Giveaway on our blog. Watch this video to learn more
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