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  1. Dave MacLean Kettlebell says:

    Bedros I have a question.. Would you mail out this ‘shock & awe’ package
    with the ‘Andrew Stearns’ letter? OR would you simply write a letter that
    is short, sweet and to-the-point like you mentioned in this video and put
    that in the package? 

  2. shane bernard says:

    Great info. Keep up the good work!

  3. Re-createyourdiet says:

    Hi bedros u are amazing im so hook to your teaching i would like to know
    how to i create social proof if ive only being working in a gym ? and new
    to the business 

  4. Re-createyourdiet says:

    How do you get the list for the UK?

  5. Brandon Truelove says:

    I have been watching your videos and they all bring me to the same
    conclusion. Your talent is being wasted bro. Your delivery is great and the
    information is practically priceless but it appears that all of what you do
    is more or less leaching. By no means do I think it is intentional. I feel
    that you have chosen this path for a reason but you would make a bigger
    impact, if you so choose, in another way. Just my thoughts. Great vid. Do
    you have an actual fitness training site?

  6. Brandon Truelove says:

    Man, if everyone interested in a fitness business would see this video the
    fitness industry would be a whole different beast 

  7. Brandon Truelove says:

    Courthouse records HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  8. Brandon Truelove says:

    The information in this video is PRICELESS!!!!! Love it. THANK YOU!

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