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  1. jermil hibbler says:

    great job matt

  2. Zach Edwards says:

    Good stuff Matt. How often do they sign up on the spot at that point?

  3. Toby Lemley says:


  4. Joseph Ng says:

    Thank you Matt

  5. HAFEZI Teambuilder TelexFREE FAST Team says:

    Awesome sharing! what kind of video to show the prospect? tq

  6. tommy neo says:


  7. Zavon Beed says:

    What if they say no or give an objection like “I don’t have the money?”

  8. Jocelyn Mongunjin says:

    Hi Matt,..looking forward to meet you in person in Kuala Lumpur,
    Malaysia..what i’ve incounter mostly with my approach reason was
    financially problem to start this business..how do you response to that
    response?..Appreciate very much for your reply to it. Thank you and Happy

  9. Humberto Krumenaker says:

    Thanks for the info…very helpful…

  10. Markyess Dyches says:

    I do all of these things bro.. but still have lil troubles 

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