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  1. Lisa Cash Hanson says:

    Learn how to use the power of national media to get more traffic for your
    business product or service

  2. Sapphire1721 says:

    You didn’t really tell us how

  3. Lisa Cash Hanson says:

    Hi – I did . You do that by using the power of media. By getting the media
    to write about your business it helps drive traffic. So this is a for
    purchase course and you’ll learn it all there. Or you can subscribe to my
    newsletter plenty of free tips there. But this video is promoting my Pitch
    The Media Like A Pro

  4. RedCamelSolutions says:

    Sounds interesting. B.T.W since Min. 6:27 to Min. 8:31 (end) the video
    displays a dark screen… Tip: As a developer of online marketing videos
    I’d recommend you to cut that part using Windows Live Movie Maker (free) or
    as far as I can recall you can do that directly via YouTube’s video editing
    feature under “enhancements”.

  5. semaj james says:

    i love the idea and it sounds great .. but if you got 18,000 viewers driven
    to your website in a day how come your youtube numbers aren’t up there. i
    don’t put it past you because you have a wonderful way of presenting your
    presentation. hope to link up with you sometime soon. good luck. i c u 😀

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