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  1. David Roland says:

    That’s awesome man… lol

  2. Sold With Video says:

    Yes! Thanks David!

  3. Marie Ysais says:

    Okay……so uhmmmm better keep your day job and not rely on the singing!
    :0 The video is GREAT and just what I was looking for regarding backlinks,
    how often, how many and….how not to get slapped! So, would profiles to
    directories get slapped? I figured the directories had enough links coming
    in that it would be harder for google to slap you?

  4. Sold With Video says:

    WHAT?!?! How dare you! jk hahaha Yes, they can get slapped but it’s a
    little less likely since directory sites get tons of backlinks everyday you
    can be a little “looser” w/ the links and anchor text. But, with video seo
    and directory seo I try to use the same techniques I would with my website.
    I may be paranoid but I would rather take the time to get slower results
    that I know will likely last through any future algorithm changes. I hope
    that answers your question, if it doesn’t let me know!

  5. Marie Ysais says:

    Yes, that answers my question perfectly. I also apply the slow method and I
    am paranoid but it helps to make it through all of the updates. Thanks for
    the follow up!

  6. Marie Ysais says:

    The tool UAW can the tool be used for websites and also videos? You mention
    using it for the directories so I wanted to ask. I did check out the link
    but there wasn’t much information on the page. Thanks in advance.

  7. Sold With Video says:

    Yes it can. I use it on videos and we touched on it briefly in the last
    post of the live marketing challenge. I’ve actually been a member there for
    a few years and they keep improving their system to keep the quality high
    and work w/ algorithm changes. I think overall for video and website seo
    its a great tool to have but you will probably need some other backlinks
    combined with it (we did rank the yoga video w/ only 2 UAW submissions).
    With directory sites, it is all you need in most cases.

  8. Sold With Video says:

    Oh and you can actually embed your video into the articles you submit as

  9. Greg DiBruno says:

    Hi Brandon, I’ve been following you on here and I like the way you work
    with video. As someone who is about to embark in the video niche – I wanted
    to ask you a question…or 2. Lol How many videos do you shoot a week? I
    also notice that you have lots of effects such as intros, greenscreening
    and stuff like that. Do you do all of your own editing and camera work? If
    so, do you find that the time it takes to do all the editing is worth your

  10. Sold With Video says:

    Hey Greg! I don’t really have a set number. I kinda just do them as I have
    time…but I like to at least script out and film as many as I can. I then
    keep and edit the footage when I have time or need to put out a new video.
    I know I get a little carried away or “fancy” but you don’t need to do all
    that stuff. The content is what people really care about, just get to the
    point, share valuable information and have a strong and relevant call to

  11. Sold With Video says:

    When I first started I was taking 2-3 days to do one video. Now It just
    takes me a few hours to do one and they are 10 times better than the first
    videos I did. This is because I mapped/scripted out the entire video, I
    bought the right equipment, and just got better the more I did it. I do my
    own editing at the moment, but plan on bringing in an editor soon. I enjoy
    going all out and being funny but I don’t think it is completely necessary
    to get good results…just share info people value!

  12. Paulo Galvão says:

    Hi Brandon, I am a MBA Services Marketing Student in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    and I am really convinced that you publish a nice material. Although I have
    been studying English for 6 years, I face many expressions I don~t
    understand. The way you speak is so dinamic and there are many words you
    speak I am not used to, and it comes pretty hard to understand it at once.
    So, I keep wishing that all you speak could be in legends so that it would
    make possible for me to learn a bit more.

  13. Sold With Video says:

    Paulo thanks for the comment! I can understand your concern and will see
    what I can do about it. But, I have to do things as naturally as possible
    and cater to the majority of my audience.

  14. Robert Cece says:

    You don’t really need to rank a google places/plus profile. What generally
    works best is just ranking your website, and having your google profile
    linked on your site. That has always gotten my g listings to #1.

  15. Sold With Video says:

    Yea I completely agree…but I was talking more about getting directory
    sites like Yelp, Yellowpages, City Search, etc all coming up on the first
    page. These help push your competition off the first page and are easy to
    rank because they are big PR sites.

  16. Joel Valls says:

    The video was helpful thanks.

  17. Sold With Video says:

    No problem! Glad you liked it!

  18. Gregg Shane says:

    Always like your videos. helpful

  19. Sold With Video says:

    Thanks Gregg! Glad it helped!

  20. Access Choosing You says:

    hahaha liked the intro. You crack me up! love your work!

  21. Michael Knauf says:

    Cool, funny & informative. Where do we get “as seen on YT.” & Please
    Subscribe T-shitrs?

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