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  1. Kristin Offiler says:

    This is great advice. Where do you think people should draw the line
    between full on copying other people vs just using them as models to get
    your own business going?

  2. TancieTrail says:

    Thanks Marie – your videos are so hi-tech! Hahaha, really appreciating them
    and the excellent business advice of coarse. Lots of love, Tancie T

  3. amyckrueger says:

    Tell it sister!! Tuesday is QUICKLY becoming my FAVORITE day of the week…
    You are so right on on this one. It helps me to limit the amount of time I
    spend on blogs of others in my industry and find inspiration elsewhere. It
    really does keep things fresh and focused on making my offerings unique
    instead of trying to “compete” with others. Love it!

  4. marieforleo says:

    @greethea YAY Althea 🙂 Tuesday is one of my favorite days too. We’ve got
    LOADS more coming.. Thanks a milz for watching and commenting!

  5. marieforleo says:

    @TancieTrail high tech babeeee! Thanks for watching n commenting. xoxo

  6. Priya Florence Shah says:

    Love your videos. You rock, Marie!! 🙂

  7. Bexdastar says:

    I just want to say your fantastic! glad I found you today xoxo

  8. Tara Lea says:

    Absolute GOLD!!!!!

  9. Dr Colette Summerland says:

    I really love this idea. You know Marie, your method may also draw more
    music industry people to you.

  10. Nik J says:

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  11. Rosanne Parsemain says:

    AWESOME !!! Thank you Marie 🙂

  12. Jesse Leon says:

    Hay Marie, I like all your video’s they all have useful information and
    your funny…very cool, thanks.

  13. Daniell Rasan says:

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  14. Xavier BenJamin says:


  15. Bukka Levy says:

    Marie! Music is also MY inspiration, however, music is ALSO my business.
    Not sure how to apply your advice in a sitch like mine.

  16. Sue Miller says:

    How to stand out in a crowd in #smallbusiness . Love Marie Forleo…always
    has such great advice for #entrepreneurs .

  17. To Love And Inspire says:

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  18. Dana Che says:

    I love this video Marie! “This is why I’m hot, this is why I’m hot!” “-)
    Great advice on how to stand apart from the pack!

  19. TLFN | The Home of Short Film Promotion says:

    I enjoyed the rawness of this video as oppose to some of your other ones
    good job. Keep it up Marie, you have helped me a lot.

  20. Dennis Rodriguez says:

    Nice, raw and yet, subtle. Helpful as always, thx for inspiring these

  21. Mark Charlton says:

    Great advice. I think being yourself is definitely the best way to feel
    true while appealing to new markets. It takes courage!

  22. Ibrahim Ahmad says:

    How To Stand Out From The Crowd

  23. Elizabeth Jale Çakirerk says:

    Best advice EVER!

  24. Nah Tao says:

    Is this before you had your studio? I like how you use inverted commas for
    “writer” a bit like Joey did in Friends that one time… ;)

  25. Theresa Glenn says:


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