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  1. PeaceBeginsWithI says:

    Yeah spot on! Thanks Cameron. Damn those villians!

  2. freeflyertemplates1 says:

    Worth appreciated video indeed,thanks for sharing.

  3. Nagwan Noaman says:

    AWESOME! Can you please make a video about web content

  4. yayan sopyan says:

    Thank you, the video is very useful for me

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  7. LadyInTheTree says:

    I have a question about the picture of “the owner” or who ever is the
    person making the flyer. I am going to school for massage therapy. Right
    now doing research for marketing (making a flyer). Would there be some
    situations where knowing what the person looks like is a good marketing
    tool? (I am not saying the whole sex sells thing, please don’t go there)
    Would it make someone feel comfortable knowing the person before they see
    them? Or no?… make the flyer about the consumer?

  8. Devon Bostick says:

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  11. Swimwithromy says:

    Thank you!!! Finally I have decent direction and know how to design my own
    flyer. Concise, to the point and most useful video yet!

  12. Monica Ulich says:

    Thanks, I will be using this as a tutorial for my business class.

  13. Nguyen Dang says:

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  18. Daniel Handford says:

    Thanks for the tips and advice. Very much appreciated

  19. Karrie Puddy says:

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  20. Jeff Crafton says:

    dude “shut the f–k up”

  21. Family Vitality says:

    You and this video are very helpful. Thanks!

  22. shadrach solomon says:

    For a small time musician like me who knows nothing about marketing and who
    wants to start a music studio, this was really helpful. Thanks man…

  23. Sanjay Dalal says:

    Good tips on creating a great flyer that sticks! 

  24. Rick Montanez says:

    Great tips. Thanks.

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