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  1. p will says:

    great advice thanks so much 

  2. Paige Poppe says:

    Alex this video has come at the perfect time for me! I am a blogger but
    just launched a new business. I now need to manage Instagram accounts for 2
    businesses, and will take a unique approach to each one. Thank you!!

  3. Sarah Chase says:

    Thanks Alex! I’m going to brainstorm a few ideas tonight for IG!

  4. ollivandermo says:

    Great advice! I have a weekly social share on IG that I call Mighty
    MOtivation 🙂 I haven’t gotten many participants yet, but I do get a few!
    It’s kind of similar to your daily word! I have theme of the week (This
    week is ambition!) and then I get people to share their thoughts on the
    theme + tag friends to do the same using the hashtag hopefully I get more
    people participating!

  5. Ko-Shin Music says:

    what are your favorite apps to make quotes?! Or for images?! that would be
    a great video to do 

  6. Gina Migliacio says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. I started doing a sort of #dailyflower
    picture daily. I need to start making it a bit more interactive, so good
    advice here! Thank you.

  7. Angie Ranelli says:

    LOVE this video! You have just lit a fire under my ass to tackle IG with a
    quickness. I have mastered FB, but IG will be awesome!
    Thank you so much!

  8. Michelle Burgess says:

    Hi.. what is your instagram name? Alex Beadon is not comin up! Thanks ;D

  9. Heather LeBas says:

    Hey Alex! This video is great & very inspiring 🙂 Would you mind including
    links to the blog post you were featured on in the description? I would
    love to read it! Not going to lie, if you include your instagram url in the
    video description in future videos it will remind me/make it easier to
    stock your page every week 🙂 Have a fabulous day Alex! :)

  10. nowaydudebook says:

    This was a great video. Thank you, Alex. Here’s the big take-away for me,
    even though there were more. Using the identification strategy to relate to
    those in your target audience. e.g. “I am too creative … ” I won’t use my
    niche, I’ll use another to build on it. Let’s see. “I am DOWN.” Then, put
    whatever you are down with as the image. Maybe it’s a shoe style. My
    example may be lame, but the feedback is … it’s helpful—the one little
    idea—on how to appeal to your target. Personalize it. Give them something
    which says, “This is me.” Good stuff. I already have some ideas from this
    so thank you for the 411.

  11. Dona Davis says:

    Thanks so much for this vid. I’ve been trying to learn what IG is all about
    and how to use it for my biz. You’ve put me on the right path

  12. Ginny Shadowens says:

    Hi Alex! You have such great energy (and I really loved your eye makeup).
    I wan to implement your word of the day on my Instagram. I think it is a
    great way to connect with followers. Inspiring and filling them with
    positivity, joy and fun! 🙂 Thank you! Sooo glad I stumbled upon your
    video tonight! 

  13. Robert Seth says:

    Awesome video Alex…thanks so much for explaining more ways Instagram can
    be used and how so much business excitement and interest can be created by
    using it. Definitely will be subscribing to your channel!

  14. Nick Koehler says:


    Follow me!

  15. karl woodworth says:

    This is great information for Instagram for Business Rookies. Great video.

  16. Hungry Gopher says:

    I love you energy, Alex! I will have to try Instagram to market my Korean
    cooking show. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ali Kay says:

    Amazing video. You sure know business. 

  18. Carla Ahern says:

    LOve your makeup AND your videos!

  19. Powerplay Jai says:

    Follow me for hip hop production @beats_by_play

  20. Virtue Collins says:

    Great Job !!

  21. Blair Clark says:

    Like you had said, most people use Instagram as a 2nd Facebook and so I was
    turned off to it. But this video was like a big ole LIGHT BULB turning on
    over my head as to how to use Instagram as another brand-building,
    passion-sharing social media device! 

  22. Elizabeth Arthur says:

    Thanks super star, I have had instagram for more than 2 years and never
    used it but NOW!!!! I just love it.

  23. Bri Sollice says:

    My bro has around 90,000 followers he uses:

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