How to Use Pinterest for Business

January 16th, 2015 / / categories: Business & Marketing /

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  1. Tom Cote says:

    Pinterest for business always makes me hungry for foot cream .. Mmmmm

  2. smithwhanau1 says:

    Renae would you recommend keeping your personal Pinterest or converting it
    to a business one? Love the video by the way. Can’t wait for jan now. :-)

  3. Jennifer Hynes says:

    I absolutely love all of your videos! The information is wonderful and you
    are just too cute for words! Thanks! Heading on over to Pinterest Academy

  4. Bocist says:

    Poor Tom, he seems very busy in this vid, no wonder he is so hungry :}

  5. Jennifer Phillips says:

    excited about this!

  6. ImTheDaveman says:

    I’m still honing my skills on making interesting Spoof Movie posters. Is
    there a way to market something like that if I am using something like
    Zazzle to print and sell my wares? Its too esspenses fer me to print it out
    unt sell em myself. I’m a long way off from anything marketable but just
    asking ahead of time. 🙂
    Tom is needin’ some more foot cream. Its great on cakes and fudge brownies

  7. B. Younique Hamilton says:

    Thank you soooo much your tips & programs are always a big help. 

  8. Kyrie Joplin says:


  9. Jessica Maynard says:

    Thanks +Renae Christine can’t wait for the Pinterest Academy, so HURRY ;)

  10. Toronto Brown says:

    Thank you so much, I’m super excited!

  11. Chacha says:

    Thanks for this Renae. SEO and these type of things confuse me. It’s a
    shame. I have a pinterest but it’s not a simple as it looks. IMO. thanks

  12. Barbara Troup says:

    Thank you. It will help out a lot.

  13. Alejandra Parrazal says:

    Love it! Thanks, totally love your videos and personality 🙂 

  14. Janis McAdoo says:

    Thanks +Renae Christine Great video! Going to take your survey!

  15. Mara Joy Luker says:

    Yeah, teach me how to make MONEY MONEY MONEY, pleeeeeeeeeezzzzz!!!☺

  16. Cloth Diaper Easy says:

    I would love that, thank you for your hard work girl!

  17. Teshana Singleton says:

    Thank you Renae Cristine! I’ve learned so much in just a week of watching
    your awesome videos, by the way did I mention that your vidoes are
    AWESOME!?! Keep up the great work, cause I NEED HELP…….Thank you in
    advance! : )
    Heading over to take your survey, have a Blessed day! 

  18. Kim Hesson says:

    Thanks! love your videos! Can’t wait for the new one!

  19. Misha Gertos says:

    Thanks you’re great…

  20. Heather P says:

    Hello, I’m a new subscriber. I found your videos by trying to do some
    research of my own…looking to see if it would be worth starting a youtube
    channel and how to build my blog. I like you!!!!!! Thanks!!

  21. Jessie Mae Theobald says:

    Thank thank thank you

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