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  1. Christina Cook says:

    This was a good internet marketing strategy. Looking forward to more in the

  2. Michael Reyes says:

    Cool man! I learned a lot about business in this video.

  3. Ashlee LaForest says:

    Losers complain. Winners find a solution.

  4. Herb Butler says:

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  5. Tarak Gandhi says:

    Really very helpful and great effort for delivering. Also sounds that you
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  6. Larmondo Gaines says:

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  7. Winnipeg Pickers says:

    Thank you for the help

  8. Patrik Thid says:

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  9. toni markovski says:

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  10. Jessie Estrada says:

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  11. Swift Media Creatives says:

    Thank you for taking time in doing this informative video! 

  12. Frowzy Interpreter says:

    Top notch video Andrew, informative and lacking in the usual hype.

  13. Chetan Bangre says:

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  14. Tricia Hepburn says:

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  15. emarie jumawan says:

    good idea.,.,

  16. maria probst says:

    A great source of honest clear information that is well presented. I plan
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  17. Simon Halliday says:

    Interesting stuff :)

  18. Laurie Pedelaborde says:

    Thank you this has been a great help/

  19. Marc Dhalluin says:

    too much time setting the business up. Makes it very hard to keep watching
    when one is expecting to learn as opposed to being given a personal story.

  20. Epic Downloads says:

    Thanks for sharing this.

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