Is Marketing a good major?

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  1. aseel kamel says:

    you look zay al aleeeeeel yawad filipeno kam ratbak 5 ?

  2. spencer seah says:

    i like his video,i think he is right .

  3. Allen Viancourt says:

    what about being a sales engineer? like technical sales ?

  4. Jon Means says:

    Nice you were right on point with this video. A lot of people should
    recognize they themselves are the business. It’s good to recognize that
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  5. Katrina Marie says:

    You have some good feedback..concerning marketing is sales related..also,
    someone could also become a marketing researcher (analyst) If they like to
    research or analyze that would be a good idea then they would still be
    involved in marketing as well, but in the background instead.

  6. Fernando Perez says:

    You’re right! if you don’t like sales don’t go into marketing. I love
    sales. That’s why I’m into marketing. I like doing any kind of business if
    a profit is included. Thanks for this video because it helped a lot! I was
    going through a moment when I was even considering changing major to
    management or something else because I’m tired of hearing that marketing is
    a useless degree and maybe is truth! it’s a useless degree, but not a
    useless knowledge! I really don’t want to work to anyone. I want to work
    for my self so that’s why I chose marketing because with my ideas of
    marketing strategy and the knowledge I’m gaining in college I will do well
    in the business industry. Thanks and keep doing videos like this so you can
    keep helping other people. liked and sub.

  7. Jin Park says:

    just bc its a good degree doesnt mean that ur gonna do well in that field 

  8. Robert Anthony Delos Santos says:

    Marketing and sales are very different things. Personally I would never
    want a career in sales. But I do want to have a career in marketing. I
    can’t believe how may people agree with you that you have to like sales to
    like marketing. In many organizations, marketing and sales are at odds with
    each other…

  9. C94030 says:

    What do you think about an accounting degree? 

  10. C94030 says:

    Very true. Same as someone doing any other degree for just the money. How’s
    engineering going for you? 

  11. C94030 says:

    Good for you! I’m still I’m school but there’s times where I question if
    the path I’m taking will lead me to where I would be happy in life. I guess
    we all find it eventually. Again, thanks for your videos they are very

  12. joseph frank says:

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  13. Marisol Campos says:

    How are you going to give career advise but have three fold out chairs, no
    banana hammock, and use red plastic cups?

  14. mike smith says:


    I like your videos a lot and your story has inspired me to take action. I
    am currently a marketing major and I am about to graduate in December of
    2014. Going into college (in Florida) I though business was the sure way to
    success, but I went in with false perceptions of real life. Anyway, I want
    to go into engineering, not sure exactly which one, but mechanical is my
    number 1 choice. So my question is do I go back for a second bachelors
    degree or do I do a post-bacc program then do the masters? Given the fact
    that you have a psychology degree and then went back for ME, do you have a
    second bachelors or is it a masters? And given what you know now, what do
    you suggest? Thank you very much.

  15. Andy Yeh says:

    Lols…. This guy is funny.. :)

  16. Deino475 says:

    Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering: Are these good

  17. Jason Quenga says:

    Marketing is NOT sales.

    I.E. If I asked 100 people what company sells soda in a red can with white
    lettering, what would most people say? If I asked what the biggest
    competitor to that company was, and what color their can was, what would
    they say?

    The fact that people will say COKE, and not Strawberry, then say Pepsi in a
    Blue can and not RC Cola in a BLUE can, shows the power and intent of
    Marketing. Even if you don’t buy a soda, Marketers did their job. But, if
    you buy a Coke and not a Pepsi, SALES didn’t do their job.

    In every company I’ve worked for, Sales and Marketing are two different
    departments and they talk to each other as much as Logistics and Accounting

    Your message is really, “You don’t need a degree in Sales to be in Sales”. 

  18. chianna Overbaugh says:

    Would this be a good major to go into for a cars salesman?

  19. Bart H says:

    I am 28 and a Marketing Manger. Got the job because of my experience of
    working hard in college. Been at the job for 5 years. He is right. I can
    create a market in a heart beat. My head is always fucked up, always.
    Always thinking. I could write a lot of shit, but if you want to go into
    marketing, know how to hustle, get experience, start many side projects so
    if your job is lacking in one marketing strategy you are making up for it
    in another. 

  20. luckystarryful says:

    what if you enjoy making/selling/advertising your own shop on neopets? lol.
    I have a mall and I’m super rich on neopets. (hehe) er, this is a serious

  21. Nena Cotizada says:

    lol that pet rock thing sounds like a scam but the guy got the money

  22. Tania Lin says:

    I am a high school student, applying for college next year. I have been
    thinking about majoring in sports marketing and management, but when i
    looked it up online it isn’t a popular degree at all in the top
    universities. I am wondering if it is worth it to go into sports
    management, or is marketing major will be useful if i want to work in the
    sport business industry. 

  23. RMDecade says:

    If I want to go into the sports industry, is marketing a good degree to

  24. asianbeautyyyy says:

    Do you know anyone that has graduated with a marketing degree? If so, what
    focus in marketing should they pursue? (advertising, digital marketing …
    etc.) Also what is the success rate despite it being a very competitive
    major? ( I am graduating in 2016). Anyone can share their insights … I
    would appreciate it, thank you.

  25. Curtis I says:

    Marketing basically gets you to sales

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