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  1. Aalatemplates says:

    I always prefer to joomla template & I appreciate your hard work and this
    very informative post.

  2. JoomlaMonster says:

    Thank you for your comment. This link is now working correctly.

  3. Mari Beika says:

    Thanks for your reply, I’m looking forward to buy some templates from you
    for my sites. Btw… great job.

  4. Algren DC says:

    when using the position “dj-menu-top”, the menu does not display
    horizontally. How can this be?

  5. JoomlaMonster says:

    Hello Make sure you’re using DJ-Menu (dj-extensionsdotcom/dj-menu) module
    for the menu, if you still have any issues please contact us via helpdesk
    at Joomla-Monster and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

  6. Peter Chu says:

    can I integrate Virtuemart 2.0.24 with this template?

  7. Julio Bertty says:

    This template is in Spanish too?

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