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  1. Renae Christine says:

    This is fantastic advice. Love the music, intro and outro.

  2. Michael Kawula says:

    5 Tips on using #Linkedin for your #smallbusiness 

  3. Andy Wong says:

    LinkedIn Marketing – How to use LinkedIn for business
    Do you feel confused when it comes to marketing your business on LinkedIn?
    If you have a product line, like apparel, stationery, home decor, jewelry
    or eco-products, chances are that your customers are not using LinkedIn to
    look for your products.

  4. tci25TV says:

    Honestly I have a linkedin account for a long time but I never really used
    the site. I have even thinking closing my account. What should I do? Most
    of the work I do is freelancing but I get all these opportunities from
    clients that I have and recommendations. Please help me out. Thanks! Great
    video by the way.

  5. BudgetVideo4BIZ says:

    Appreciate your effort to help others.

  6. Tim Wilbur says:

    Thanks. Your video simplified and clarified Linkedin for me. Easy to follow
    Thanks again! Warmest regards, Tim Wilbur

  7. Spook SEO says:

    A great and clear explanation on what LinkedIn really is. This can surely
    help those who are struggling with LinkedIn. This is very simple to
    understand so it’s ideal for both the newcomers and experienced. Great job!

  8. Jolarin SEO says:

    clear explanation on what Linkedin really is. thanks for sharing

  9. Le David Morris says:

    Thanks, as an author this helped me.

  10. Laura Wallis says:

    Linkedin is often thought of as just a place to post a resume, but it is a
    social media platform. Linkedin wants you to view it as a place to network
    and share information. Great tips, Andreea!

  11. Güven Açık says:

    Thanks that was usefull for me.

  12. Rimpy Bhatia says:

    It’s a nice & informative video. Thanks Andrea…

  13. วิจิตร พีพีจี. says:

    I believe in LinkedIn Marketing – Howto use LinkedIn for business. very

  14. M A Alam says:

    Thanks andreea ayers

  15. Larry Breitfelder Navas says:

    A genuinely helpful video and a lovely accent. Nordic?

  16. Tristan Jones says:

    thanks for the video Andreea 🙂 wish you the best in your business.

  17. Cool Tony says:

    Thanks Andreea for sharing. I just can’t find the ‘Questions and Answers’
    section on LinkedIn?!

  18. Australian Teachers says:

    Thank you, very handy information to know.

  19. Dheeraj Rinwa says:

    Thanks Andrea for sharing very useful insights on Linked In.

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