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  1. pooreboy313 says:

    Brandon , I find your videos inspiring I recently started a service company
    and I am eagerly looking forward to your next posts…thanks again!

  2. Sold With Video says:

    Hey thanks so much! That means a lot and I hope you learn a lot from this
    Live Challenge. It will be fun and hopefully help get your service company
    some new clients!

  3. Sold With Video says:

    Follow along as we grow this business and so you how to do it. We will be
    documenting the entire process!

  4. Brandon Lucero says:

    Follow along as I grow this business from scratch!

  5. Vitoria Castro says:

    Very nice Video as well! Great editing in every video!

  6. Sold With Video says:

    Thanks Vitoria!

  7. William Marshall says:

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  8. Wee-Yiong Fung says:


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