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  1. gene morris says:

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  2. pdhcyanideinc says:

    I attempted to download your book but after entering my information and
    clicking download it said that the mailing list was not active please fix
    this issue and I will surely download your book.

  3. gene morris says:

    Hi Parker, Sorry about that.. Did you manage to get the book downloaded?
    Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I’ll email it to ya..

  4. Ross Spencer says:

    this issue is still there I cannot download this ebook either

  5. gene morris says:

    Sorry Guys,, I’ll see what the problem is…

  6. marck gusty says:

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  7. amy askew says:

    Found this video very boring.

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  11. Mark Tomas says:

    Nice video

  12. Garrett Mehrguth says:

    Loved your video. This is so TRUE. I have a similar strategy that I utilize!

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