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  1. Fábio Dias says:

    Aw yeah! 🙂 awesome to see my request becoming a video! Thanks a lot, Amy!

    When you mentioned Feedly you just reminded me I used to have a very
    organized Google Reader account and I actually migrated to Feedly and did
    not remember doing that. Duh! My daily content consumption these days has
    basically been Youtube subscriptions and I miss reading my favorite
    blogs… and getting my Feedly account back again reminded me that I should
    spend a little bit more time on blogs as well.

    Definitely going to take a look at all your recommendations and yes, I
    should have bookmarked Social Media Examiner a long time ago. Silly me.
    Thank you once again.

  2. Sarah M Schultz says:

    Great resources. Thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t heard of ShareBloc
    before, checking that out now. 

  3. Savat San says:

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give bookmark bar , we want to see it lol 🙂 great vid :)

  4. Let's Go Road Trippin says:

    I hope you will add me as a travel resource. I am working on a website for
    the beginning of the year!

  5. Dawn Del Russo says:

    I needed something like Feedly..first thing I went to when you mentioned
    it! now checking out some of those business blog 🙂 xo 

  6. Danny Danny says:

    I’m gonna send you an Elephant :-D

  7. ThumpMaster6 says:

    Amy, great as always…but have you taken a look at SCOOP.IT as a source for
    curated content in marketing, business or anything your are interested in?
    People in the loop, making selections and adding value through their own
    content. Its everything you should be looking for as a fresh source. 

  8. Chuck Baker says:

    I also use Feedly. I never could get used to the Google reader You can use
    it not only to keep up to day with your blogs but also top news stories on
    any topic you want.

  9. Heart of Tarts says:

    I am so bad about going to blogs. When my googlereader got full years ago,
    I just stopped. I do get emails from Marieforleo and the Robert D. I
    listened to a couple of podcast for awhile but I stopped driving as much so
    I kind of fell out of that.

  10. Anita Coleman says:

    wow… lots of great info packed into 4 minutes

  11. Savvy Sexy Social says:

    Hey +ThumpMaster6… I don’t know what the deal is but I can’t reply to
    your YouTube comments. Super weird. To answer your question though, I have
    heard of Scoop.it and that’s a great suggestion as well. Thanks!

  12. Cory Tyler says:

    Love your show, Amy. Thanks for taking the time to produce your show. 

  13. Jay Johnson says:

    Sweet, I also rock the SmartBrief.

  14. Joe Walker says:

    Thanks for suggesting feedly.com. I’m now a faithful follower if yours on
    yet another website. I feel like a stalker…ahhhhh…scary. 

  15. Joe Walker says:

    If=of come on autocorrect. 

  16. Danny Skarka says:

    Best use of the video description section. Added content! Well, repeated
    content, but considering the content, I vote we call it added content.

    Other people, take note. 

  17. Andrew Koller says:

    Just found the video! Thanks so much for mentioning ShareBloc! We just
    launched public beta less than two months ago so we are really flattered to
    be mentioned with SME, MarketingProfs and feedly. We are big fans of all of

    We think that professional content curation is becoming more and more
    important as the quantity and quality increases. 

  18. Suvendu Saha says:

    Each and every single night before i watch you old or new videos you know
    why because it helps me to dream about you and to dream good

  19. Jon McCaw says:

    Never have used feedly before. I’ve seen it around though. I’ll have to
    check it out!

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