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  1. woopw00p says:

    would a business studies and marketing degree be good for a advertising job
    and also im very arty but do not want to become a fine artist would this
    help with getting jobs within a marketing environment

  2. LGMarketingJobs says:

    Hi Woopw00p, you would be suited to having a marketing job that would
    involve alot of creativity and concepts. You could work in the studio area
    of marketing or a creative agency, which would be more suited to you if you
    are more artistic. I hope this helps.

  3. Saf Popal says:


  4. DanielCMM says:

    i got a degree in advertising but i want to work in marketing.. can i? i
    realised too late what i really liked which is marketing….

  5. Vandal says:

    @xealousism not at all , its more of a creative person field.

  6. JOHNEY101 says:

    Does marketing require alot of math? Or is it just pretty basic?

  7. MarketingDegreeVids says:

    Good over view of the career prospects from a marketing degree. Fully agree
    with everything in this video.

  8. TCFan25 says:

    Marketing/Advertising Degree = Degree in creative bullshit

  9. Joon Kwak says:

    Engineering is way better than this useless degree

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