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  1. notimeoffyet says:

    thanks for sharing your five step marketing plan Tyson

  2. Shaniqua Bell says:

    I agree that identifying your product BENEFITS and your target audience
    early is critical to success..

  3. Jim Rizzo says:

    people buy for the benefits of a product–also called sometimes the sizzle,

  4. Lindsay Powers says:

    “People buy based on emotion.” Great point.

  5. raeleene johnson says:

    benefits, benefits, benefits–a big take away with your video.

  6. jennasimpson212 says:

    You are a photographer!! This is so good you should be a marketing
    professional! The sample marketing plan you present here will benefit many

  7. Tanya White says:

    Nice template for success. I will use this 5 step marketing plan sample

  8. Chanise Jefferson says:

    Yes what people always want to know is: what it will do for them–benefits.

  9. lafonda johnson says:

    I found this so helpful.

  10. sternztim says:

    Good stuff you are sharing here Tyson!! I needed a good marketing plan
    template–now I have one.

  11. Lars Stenson says:

    Learned a lot here. Thx for sharing your expertise.

  12. Malakai Jackson says:

    I needed a marketing plan sample and found your video here. Excellent.

  13. RealCarlyLewis says:

    Marketing Plan Sample – 5 Simple Steps to Market Any Business


  14. JD Dammeier says:

    It’s a very concise video about marketing! Great job!

  15. Deborah MacDonald says:

    This is such a brief, comprehensible and watch-worthy video about marketing
    effectively. I like the thought you have given that people buy products
    through emotions. Keep it up! 

  16. Proterra Advertising says:

    This is great information. Always remember to get your foundational
    elements in place before starting the marketing portion of your start up!
    Hit us up for more info about our start up programs!

  17. DWOL Entertainment says:

    Had to like this just because you are clearly a network marketing guy you
    managed to inform me rather than sell me something, it worked, I
    subscribed, I am going to watch more…. well played

  18. StrawberryFlower2009 says:

    Great video, learnt a lot and how to think about my cake business
    advertising! 🙂 Thank you

  19. Michael Pfau says:

    Tyson – you mention a link at the end of this video to “Five Essential
    Components of a successful sales funnel” but I can’t seem to locate it. Can
    you post the URL? Thanks! Great video by the way!!

  20. Akis Gbr says:

    This is a campaign development plan. A marketing plan is more complex.
    Competition analysis and SWOT analysis are required. 

  21. Ali Hassan Bhatti says:

    brilliant :D

  22. Ravi Shankar says:

    good marketing plan

  23. jeyles zorro says:

    Useful man

  24. Eroni Daunibau Navunisaravi says:

    Well discussed…….perfect

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