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  1. Bryan Fury says:

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  2. Wyatt Lansdale says:

    Great video, I’m going to watch all your videos now. I’m trying to learn
    how to sell now.

  3. Andrew Stirling says:

    Really good David. There was a lot of common sense areas here but you
    explained WHY these are needed. Thanks 

  4. kerenha Washington says:

    Really informative and useful. Thanks Mr.David.

  5. Elizabeth Najjuma says:

    4 Essentials On How To Market Your Company

  6. Gen X says:

    Excellent video! Thank you for your efforts.

  7. Paul Amand says:

    Lots of great advice. VERY clear presentation. Thank you very much for

  8. Stian Kaasa says:

    Hi Coach! I sell home security, and do you have a tip for me how to reach
    out, and what to focus on when marketing?

  9. Prospecting And Closing Sales says:

    I believe you about Social Media. I’ve been trying to use it to promote my
    business for a few years, without much result. Direct mail, videos, and
    targeting highly likely prospects has been what is profitable. Your talk
    about your ideal client is spot on. Valuable sales training video. You can
    use this as an elevator speech too.

  10. john paul Rodriguez says:

    really great value on your video. i learned a lot. thanks!

  11. Emily Voon says:

    i’ve learned something from your video . thank you so much .

  12. Mandakini Machiraju says:

    my blog is on my website, is that ok?


    I really like your videos. They are really clean, really crisp and
    extremely professional. Thanks so much for the helpful information!

  14. Archis Ayan says:

    Definitely, this video was truly helpful for me. Being a newcomer in
    business u have to work hard to get established and grow. Well i m working
    for a new Website designing firm and it will be great to know any marketing
    strategy that helps getting me more clients.

  15. Ali Sirat says:

    Excellent, thanks for uploading this video 

  16. lois tucker says:


  17. lois tucker says:

    very good informative video thanks!!!! loved it!!

  18. Fred Agee says:

    Way to go David. Direct, insightful, informative fact filled, passionate
    and enthusiastic. You are a professional and I thank you for your
    inspiration and for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated and see you at
    the TOP!! Frederick Agee Marietta GA.


    I have been marketing my company on social media for about 6 months. The
    last 2 months on Facebook everyday about 4 hours a day. So I decided to ask
    a couple of my friends and family for referrals. Sadly I got what is it
    that you do? 

  20. noblegiantfilms says:

    I am constantly looking for straight forward business advise. Thank you for
    cutting through the clutter and producing this very helpful video. Much

  21. ama barton says:

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  22. Willis Hill says:

    This is a great video for anyone in business or thinking about starting a

  23. felicia gray says:

    I really enjoyed your video I am just getting stated in a new business,and
    this information is just what I needed. Your a great teacher!!!

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