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  1. Anthony Castelli says:

    I like the way you guys got right to the point

  2. Anthony Castelli says:

    your first tip was so obvious my gosh cmon give value

  3. Lucy Tiseo says:

    Very useful information! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Agnes Zang says:

    Hi Macy. What other types of personalities can use SocialCentiv? Can
    bloggers use it too to generate more traffic to their blogs? Or, is it more
    geared to small businesses for sales generation?

  5. Koli Bean says:

    Ive noticed alot of BAD things about this company… I see that.you had a
    affiliate program that paid $25 for the people who referred others to 7 day
    trial… I see alot of people made money and out of nowhere you guys delete

    Is this true???

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