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  1. Rose Foreman says:

    I am almost 74 and have a program that has developed over my lifetime.
    Your video helps me to see yet another view of how-to really get this
    moving!~ YEP! Never give up on what is life changing for clients in so
    many ways. Can’t wait to see more! ‘Rose at the Barn’

  2. Charles Grooms says:

    Mike Koenigs 2014 Business Marketing Predictions, Technology, Strategies
    and Tools for Content Marketing see video below.

    Every year I make my predictions for the coming year. In this video, I’ll
    talk about 2014 and beyond. Where are the biggest opportunities? Where’s
    the biggest money?

    What’s going away, what’s emerging, what’s growing?

    In this video, I’ll share my recommendations on building a 6, 7, 8 figure
    business and give you clear, actionable ideas that you can leverage right
    now to get an unfair advantage this coming year.

    You’ll also have a chance to sit in on an interactive “how” live event we
    have planned for the first part of the year about how to plan your business
    marketing and content strategy and the tools you should be using.

    And I’m also going to talk about building and creating WEALTH – even if the
    economy takes a huge dive. In fact, I’d like to begin by showing you some
    trends – patterns that illustrate where I think the economy is heading and
    why I think this is so important for you.

    Predictions are all about pattern recognition. Creating massive wealth and
    riches are about seeing trends and patterns and taking advantage of them
    before they happen.

    Question: what do a Clipper Ship, Amazon, and Saturday Night Live all have
    in common?

    Answer: They all took advantage of emerging and latent demand in the

    2014 is going to be a year of huge change and huge opportunities.

    There are several emerging technologies that will become true “game
    changers” for those who quickly and decisively take advantage of them.

    Watch the video then be sure to like, comment and share it so your friends
    can benefit too.


  3. Patrick Giffen says:

    Mike and Ed knocked it out of the park with this video of 2014 predictions
    in the market place. Watch-Learn-Take Action!

  4. Learn and Travel says:

    It’s great stuff and a lot to learn. 

  5. Brenton Thornicroft says:

    Great content, Mike. I’m a huge uber fan myself. My friend sent me a promo
    code for $15 off and it worked. You can enter it in the app itself or on
    this page: https://www.uber.com/sign-up. The promo code is “ridebos139”.
    Hope it helps

  6. Rick Noblett says:

    Hi Mike…that was a POWER HOUR for sure! Thanks for the kind words, and
    super pumped for an amazing 2014!

  7. Ed Rush says:

    I am redonculously biased, but I think this video is awesome. In fact, I
    look forward to this content every year. Mike has a crystal ball it
    seems…and being able to see the trends and to be leverage them is HUGE!

  8. Chris Romero says:

    Truly mind – blowing insights! I am tempted not to share this. LOL Thank
    you for keeping us ahead of the curve.

  9. Joe Williams says:

    Hey guys! Great hour! Perfect for kicking off a AMAZING 2014! Talk soon!

  10. Melissa Wright says:

    Mike’s got a great pulse on 2014 marketing predictions and I’d love to hear
    Anyone have marketing or tech predictions they’d like to share? 

  11. J. Alberto Hernandez-Taveras says:
  12. Mike Koenigs says:

    The comments and feedback continue to come in – and when you search for
    2014 content marketing predictions, 2014 business predictions, 2014
    marketing predictions, this video and links show up towards thr top of a
    Google search. It just goes to show how powerful content marketing is and
    how well video marketi works to increase engagement and produce
    high-quality search results.

    On January 9th, we’ll be livcasting a Google Hangout and announcing new
    tools and discussing the latest strategies for video, mobile, social media,
    podcasting, multicasting, bookcasting, mobilecasting to build and grow your
    audience this coming year.

    The event is free and details are at http://www.InstantCustomer.com/events

    We’ll have live interactive chat, and lots of fun!

  13. James Brinkerhoff says:

    You guys just rock! Plain and simple. 

  14. Dave Long says:

    Great book recommendations. Have your amazon page tabbed and ready.

  15. Scott Mueller says:

    A great marketer shares his insight on the next year. very much worth
    watching. Happy New Year!

  16. scott de vries says:

    Digital Cafe’s Mike and Ed totally deliver the goods in Jolly good form.
    Common sense maybe more like crystal ball marketing news for the 2014.

  17. Brian Gibbs says:

    This is some wild stuff! Why? It’s “wild” because if your eyes are open you
    probably already “see” this stuff happening. We are on the front end of
    these “predictions” that are already taking place.

  18. Charles Browne says:

    Big fan – Mike and his team have already taught me so much – check this out
    and get up to speed.


    You two are fantastic. Thank you for an inspiring and educational talk. I
    liked your comment about eating your young or being willing to destroy your
    business in order to create something new.

  20. Dr.Bev Orr says:

    Mike this is so brilliant! I am sharing this with everyone I know!!

  21. believenman says:

    Huge question: Can there be a discussion about artist and how they can sell
    their art? This is a huge need to help us merge the physical into the
    digital. Anyone please chime in? We need to crack the code for the artist!
    please email me ideas.
    Thank you.

  22. believenman says:

    In addition to my last comment, my girlfriend and I live in a arts
    community, 60 residents here that are artist. The old co-op system is out
    dated in the building and we need to reinvent something here to allow
    individuals to thrive.

  23. Clay Lamb says:

    Thank you Mike for your many insight of wisdom
    You’re really stretching my forward thinking.
    It looks like I need to view the other videos 24 that you put together!

  24. Deborah Deras says:

    I am so blown away by that great information. Thank you.

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