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  1. Glenn Jaffas says:

    Thank you. Again.

  2. Ronald Jean-Toussaint says:

    Not In this MLM. But one of the most fantastic training. This guy really
    know his craft AND HOW TO TEACH IT. For every networker out there!

  3. Chan Xiong says:

    Wow….its good to see you again Michael Clouse. Always love your
    training. I can’t remember the last time I saw you in Ada, OK with PPL.

  4. Train Healthy Be wealthy says:

    Michael is amazing!! Thanks for posting and sharing your knowledge
    Michael… 🙂 

  5. Plan B LStyle says:

    Great Advice: MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse – How To Build A Network
    Marketing Business

  6. C. Nguyen says:

    Buddy reminds me of Jim Rohn. ;)



  8. Dwayne Davis says:

    This is a great talk great value in it…

  9. Richard Fewston says:

    I have been in MLM for seven years and i love learning new ideals
    the plan I have never done it that way before I am going to get the desk
    dairy today and teach it to my team
    today is the 1st January 2015 what a fancastic way to start the year I know
    by teaching these five points my business will boom
    Thank you for the eduaction 

  10. Ann Tran says:

    Amazing training. Love it.

  11. IM-Blog101 says:

    Great video!! .. I checked out your channel, I must say that you are doing
    a great job! ..

    Keep up the great work! :)

  12. Danny Alas says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing.

  13. DAMMAD says:

    I enjoy the things he thought but don’t he sound just a little too much
    like jim rhon ?

  14. Erenma Obianyi says:

    Hi Michael, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I do appreciate your

  15. Ariole Dieujuste says:

    Awesome video. I always enjoy learning more information regarding
    MLM. Thanks for sharing the video. Back to making money online for me.
    Enjoy your day.

  16. alessandro baltazar says:

    Thanks for sharing, great training when it comes to building a network
    marketing business

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