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  1. Bjorn Briel says:

    Great information for independent music artists. Thank You!!

  2. shawt1chain says:

    sub indi artis

  3. john whittaker says:

    great info keep up the good work

  4. Aleks Zen says:

    loving it, great stuff!

  5. Migrant Fleetward says:

    awesome stuff, thanks!

  6. jah realbeatz says:

    REAL beatz was here

  7. Javier Treviño says:

    incredible , thank you so much

  8. ChaunteeOwens says:

    By far the best industry informational video I have come by! “Exceeded my
    Expectations!” As I notice that I also realize that yes when this rarity
    happens…You must say something about it!!! Hence this comment! Wow thank

  9. Laina Meli says:

    and yes tomato is a fruit. it must attract the attention of the animal. Let
    me make sure my techno smells like strawberries. hello, my house music is
    cherry. I love this guy. been trying to explain things like this to interns
    at the studio. Such a good series!

  10. CRISTIAN HUGO says:

    lana del rey made a youtube video before touring “video games” and that put
    her int he spot… These people have old ideas… old hair do’s… and old
    shirts on!!!!

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