Philip Kotler: Marketing

October 13th, 2014 / / categories: Business & Marketing /

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  1. ART Ellipse says:

    a lot need to learn from Mr. Kotler

  2. bader alsalhan says:

    Great video. from Mr. Kotler

  3. Sibusiso Tim Adoons says:

    Satisfying the need and making a profit! Creatively making money Trust!
    Awesome Vid Dr P Kotler!

  4. Rafael Vicente Artime de la Torre says:

    The father of the Marketing Mr Philip Kotler from Marketing 0.0 until the
    Marketing 3.0

  5. Chemtronics | India says:

    Under different marketing i feel OEM marketing is very very important
    segment. I have never seen anyone talking on OEM marketing.

  6. harigopal gautam says:

    This is an excellent marketing introducing video.also providing information
    about marketing.

  7. David Bello says:

    So good that I watched it twice.

  8. voeun kao says:

    good explain

  9. voeun kao says:

    what is marketing?

  10. Toribio alca quispe says:


  11. Sebastian Guldstøv says:

    The markting guru of them all!

  12. Nitish Kumar says:

    nice one 

  13. jeniffer quimis says:


  14. mauricio munoz-ortiz says:

    From El Salvador, My country , Thanks for the video ! :-)

  15. suzon abdullah says:

    nice video any some things i can not understand 

  16. Gladis Calderón Ysmodes says:

    Very interesting Video, Thank Mr. Kotler , many Greetings from Cusco –

  17. truereality84 says:

    very valuable insights here

  18. Vo Dang Tung says:

    Awesome video for marketing. Thank you Phillip Kotler. 

  19. Samuel Elizaire says:


  20. Nadia Fedchenko says:

    Great lecture! 

  21. Christian Lisovich says:

    philip you rock! 

  22. Ashley Zhang Wei says:


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