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  1. Maria Rekrut says:

    Great information Cheryl, thanks for sharing!!

  2. J. Armando Castaneda says:

    Cheryl, great presentation. 

  3. Julia Houston says:

    You said Twitter generates over 400% more revenue than twitter (you mean
    pinterest) sorry for pointing this out. 4:38 

  4. Janina Rautio says:

    Do you know, if you can link your business Pinterest-account to your
    Facebook-page for your company? Or do you always have to link it to your
    Facebook profile? Meaning you can’t publish anything directly from you
    Pinterest-account to your comany’s Facebook..?

  5. Ordalio onofre peres says:

    Queria em português!!!!

  6. Ordalio onofre peres says:

    Queria em português!!!!

  7. Casey Karur says:

    Great Video… So informative. I used a facebook marketing guide. And it
    helps me to build my business in facebook.To Get this facebook marketing
    guide click this link http://bit.ly/NoEffortsIncomeFBGuide

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