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  1. Carol Tebay says:

    Great tips Thank you!!!

  2. Lexie Day says:

    thank you for the video, loved it!
    My goal for 2015 is to make a full time wage from Younique xx 

  3. Suzanne in TX says:

    Thanks for this motivational video, Amber! You are looking amazing!

  4. Cindy Erwert says:

    Amber you are always so motivational!! Thanks for this! My biggest goal for
    2015 is to make Purple status! Happy New Year! 

  5. Anne Francis says:

    Great job as always Amber. Thank you for those thoughts of inspiration. I
    thought I was the only person left in the world who had a planner – now I
    find out I have set a trend. LOL!!

    Anyway, my Stretch GOAL for 2015 is to rank Black for Convention – that’s a

    Doable goal for 2015 is Purple by year end with 100 first level presenters
    and 75% of those actually working the business with downlines of their own.

    6 – 10 Green Elites

    Grow, learn, teach, mentor and be mentored by the best in the business and
    be mindful that there needs to be balance – life is all about BALANCE.
    Here’s to you Amber Voight! Happy NY.

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